Non no 19
Non no 19 01
Solo Photobook by Tsuji Nozomi
Native Title のんの19
Released November 18 2006
Publisher Wani Books
Tsuji Nozomi Publications Chronology
Previous Nono♥

Non no 19 (のんの19) is the second solo photobook to be released by former fourth generation Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi. The photobook was published by Takeshobo on November 18, 2006.


Photobook TitleEdit

The publications title is possibly a play on words; Non no 19 is Japanese for Non is 19. Non is one of Tsuji Nozomi's more well known nicknames and is the one she uses to refer to herself by most. "Non no" appears to be a possible pun as Nonno (and Nono) are both used by herself and others as a nickname for her.

Photobook ContentEdit

Non no 19 was the second and last photobook to be released by Tsuji Nozomi. The photobook was released more than three years after her previous publication while Tsuji was at a loose end due to the suspension of Kago Ai and the subsequent inactivity of W.

Due to Tsuji's age, (being nineteen at the time, as the title suggests), the photobook featured photographs of a much more mature nature than her previous works which had focused more on her acting playful in her photographs and being cute. Non no 19 featured far more bikini shots than her previous photobook and showed her in outfits more suitable for her mature age. The photobook also showed Tsuji wearing her hair long and down -- a look that had been rare for her during her time in Hello! Project.

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