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Nochiura Natsumi (後浦なつみ) was a short-lived Hello! Project trio formed in 2004.



Nochiura Natsumi released just one single on October 6, 2004, "Ren'ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger". It reached 4th place on TBS's Top 100 weekly countdown show Count Down TV. The group was composed of soloists, similar to Gomattou, with Goto Maki and Matsuura Aya coming from that group. And having the same kind of name idea set up.

The trio was scheduled to perform together on NHK's 55th Kōhaku Uta Gassen, but Abe was suspended from Hello! Project for plagiarism in December 2004, so Goto and Matsuura had to perform without her. The trio reunited for the "Triangle Energy" concert tour in spring 2005. Both the song itself and in particular the music video for "Ren'ai Sentai Shitsuranger" pay homage to the Japanese Super Sentai franchise.

Later, all 3 moved to the group DEF.DIVA in 2005 (along with Ishikawa Rika). After Goto Maki’s graduation from Hello! Project in October of 2007 and overall inactivity concerning this unit, there seems to be no sign of future releases.

The Name[]

The name "Nochiura Natsumi" (後浦なつみ) is made from parts of the names of each of its members:

    • 後藤真希 (GOTO MAKI)*
    • 松浦亜弥 (MATSUURA AYA)
    • 安倍なつみ (ABE NATSUMI)
  • Note that the kanji 後 is pronounced GO in Goto Maki's name, but changes to NOCHI in Nochiura Natsumi.