no hesitAtIon
Single by Kago Ai
Released June 24, 2009
Format CD
Length 14:38
Label in da groove records
Producer Nakanishi Keizo

no hesitAtIon is Kago Ai's first music release since she was featured on the 2005 single Miss Love Tantei formerly as a member of W. It's also her first solo retail single.

The lyrics for "no hesitAtIon" and "Children of the night" were written by Kago herself. The song was produced by Nakanishi Keizo, who is most well-known for producing ZOO's (and later, EXILE's) big hit "Choo Choo TRAIN". It was released under in da groove records on June 24th, 2009.


Kago Ai - no hesitAtIon PV

Kago Ai - no hesitAtIon PV

no hesistAtIon

  1. no hesitAtIon
  2. Children of the night
  3. no hesitAtIon(Karaoke)
  4. Children of the night(Karaoke)

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 26 49 - - - - 52 1,757

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