Nijiiro Button (虹色ボタン; Rainbow-Colored Button) is the fourth event single (out of four, released over a period of two years) by Ishii Rika, available for sale only at her live shows.

It was released in 2007 or 2008 as an indies release, with mp3 or wav-files on a cd-r disc, only for sale at her live events.


  1. Nana-iro no Kutsu (七色の靴; Shoes of Seven Colors)
  2. Iris (アイリス)

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Nana-iro no Kutsu

"We spend our days feeling various ways. What color will your shoes have today? If you wear shoes in your color and open the door, a new day awaits you."


"It’s difficult to meet people halfways. But, everything that’s really important is usually very simple. The language of the flower «Iris» is: I love you. I wrote this song with that kind of feelings."



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