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|name = Natsufuku ~Natsu wo Sugosu Shoujo~ <br>(なつふく ~夏を過ごす少女~)
|name = Natsufuku ~Natsu wo Sugosu Shoujo~ <br>(なつふく ~夏を過ごす少女~)
|Cover = 423px-konno asami - natsufuku.jpg|200px
|Cover = 423px-konno asami - natsufuku.jpg|200px

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Natsufuku ~Natsu wo Sugosu Shoujo~
(なつふく ~夏を過ごす少女~)
423px-konno asami - natsufuku
Regular Edition
Solo Photobook by Konno Asami
Released August 9, 2005
Publisher Up-Front Books
Cooperation with Up-Front Agency
Photographer Tetsuya Arai
Konno Asami Publications Chronology
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Natsufuku ~Natsu wo Sugosu Shoujo~ (なつふく ~夏を過ごす少女~) is the second solo photobook released by Konno Asami. The photobook was published by Wanibooks on August 9, 2005 and also came with a Making-of DVD. The photography was done by Tetsuya Arai.


Photobook Title

The title of the photobook means Summer Clothes ~Summer of Spending Girl~, describing herself with the summer festivals she enjoys in Japan.

Photobook Content

The photobook shows Konno being more serious and outgoing. The photobook's theme was "Summer in Japan". The pictures are shot at many different places, including outside a temple where Konno is shot doing karate. It also contains many pictures of her in different styles of summer clothing from bikini to yukata. On the DVD, it shows Konno attending a the tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan.

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