Naruchika Morning Musume'14
Morning Musume promoting tour
Morning Musume Concert Tour
Native title ナルチカ モーニング娘。'14
Opening Date May 13, 2014
Closing Date November 13, 2014
Morning Musume Concert Tours Chronology
Previous Evolution Spring 2014 Tour
Next GIVE ME MORE LOVE Fall 2014 Tour

Naruchika Morning Musume '14 (ナルチカ モーニング娘。'14) is Morning Musume '14's 2014 Naruchika tour. It ran from May 13 to November 13, 2014.


Featured MembersEdit

Concert ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Concert Starts
5/13 Live House HAMAMATSU MADOWAKU Shizuoka 17:30 18:30
5/14 NAGANO club JUNK BOX Nagano 17:30 18:30
9/7 Sapporo PENNY LANE24 Hokkaido 13:00 13:30
16:30 17:00
11/13 HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shin Toshin VJ-3 Saitama 18:00 18:30
  • Total: 5 Shows


  • After their show in Nagano, Haga Akane came to visit to provide refreshments along with staff members.


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