Naki Usagi
CD cover
Single by Maeda Yuki
from the album Maeda Yuki Zenkyoku Shuu ~Gwaenchanha~
Native title 鳴きうさぎ
Released April 21, 2000
Genre Enka
Format CD, cassette tape
Length 22:22
Label Teichiku Records
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Next Tokyo You Turn 2nd single (2001)
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Naki Usagi (鳴きうさぎ; Crying Rabbit) is Maeda Yuki's debut single, released on the renowned enka record label Teichiku Records on April 21, 2000. The single failed to chart on Oricon, but the song was #5 on the most requested list on the enka radio station.


  1. Naki Usagi
  2. Naki Usagi (Original Karaoke)
  3. Naki Usagi (Ippan You Mello Iri Karaoke) (一般用メロ入りカラオケ)
  4. Honki de Shikatte (本気で叱って; Scold Me Like You Mean It)
  5. Honki de Shikatte (Original Karaoke)

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Naki Usagi

Honki de Shikatte

Concert Performances

Naki Usagi


  • Maeda Yuki won a singing contest in 1994, where the grand prize was to have famous enka singer Itsuki Hiroshi as their producer. Maeda won this competition, but due to studies she only participated on a compilation album of his in 1995. She was not able to fully have activities until April 2000, where she started having semi-regular appearances on Idol wo Sagase. It was also announced that she would debut as an enka singer within Hello! Project with Iida Kaori as her mentor. They met on April 4, 2000 and Maeda released her single three weeks afterwards. The next day she performed her debut song in front of Itsuki for the first time during his Furusato Concert 2000, “Itsuki Hiroshi’s Charity Concert”
  • Maeda Yuki's first televised performance was on April 30, 2000 where she performed the song on Hello! Morning. In May and June of that year, she started a promotional tour of "Naki Usagi," where she went to six cities to promote the single. Attendees of the events for the release of the single would receive a sticker.

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