Nakazawa Yuko Chotto Dake Hayai Happy X'mas Show in Tokyo
Chotto Dake Hayai Happy X’mas Show in Tokyo
Nakazawa Yuko Concert Tour
Native title 中澤裕子 ちょっとだけ早いHappy X’mas Show in TOKYO
Event Date December 15, 2019

Nakazawa with the band

Chotto Dake Hayai Happy X’mas Show in Tokyo Goods

Special Goods

Nakazawa Yuko Chotto Dake Hayai Happy X'mas Show in Tokyo (中澤裕子 ちょっとだけ早いHappy X’mas Show in TOKYO) was a live event by former Hello! Project soloist and Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuko. Two live shows was held at the live music venue KIWA TENNOZ in Tokyo on December 15, 2019.[1]

Setlist[2] Edit

  1. LOVE Machine (Morning Musume cover)
  2. Greeting Card
  3. Shinki Itten ~CHANGING THE MIND~
  4. Kouendoori no Kissaten
  5. Present (プレゼント) (SEKAI NO OWARI cover) 
  6. YELLOW YELLOW HAPPY (Pocket Biscutis cover)
  7. Koi no Telephone GOAL (Abe Natsumi cover) 
  8. Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru (Tanpopo cover)
  9. Pittari Shitai X'mas (Petitmoni cover)
  10. Shanghai no Kaze
  12. Tokyo Bijin
  13. ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL! (H.P. All Stars cover)
  14. Kuyashi Namida Porori

Trivia Edit

  • Nakazawa is accompanied by Chiba Junji (千葉純治) on keyboard, Chinoi Yoshihiko (知野芳彦) on guitar and Hashiyada Makoto (橋谷田真) on percussion.
  • Special goods for purchase at the live event was a T-shirt, a key chain, a four-piece-set of large sozed photographs, a DVD of her live event at Cotton Club, and an acrylic figure stand key holder.
  • The special goods sold at the live show were later made available for purchase from e-lineup up until January 17, 2020.[3]


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