My Days for You
Regular Edition
Single by Mano Erina
from the album More Friends Over
Released June 29, 2011
July 6, 2011 (Single V)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CD+DVD, Single V, digital download
Length 12:56
Label hachama hachama
Mano Erina Singles Chronology
Previous Seishun no Serenade 9th Single (2011)
Next Makeruna Wasshoi! Bekimasu Single (2011)
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My-days-for-you-limited A
Limited Edition A

My-days-for-you-limited B
Limited Edition B

My-days-for-you-single V
Single V

My Days for You is the 10th major single released by Mano Erina. The single was released in 2 limited editions, and regular editions, limited A coming with a bonus DVD. It sold a total of 12,622 copies and reached position #10 on the Oricon weekly chart.


Mano erina My Days for You (MV)

Mano erina My Days for You (MV)

My Days for You (MV)


  1. My Days for You
  2. 10 Carat no Kirameki. (10カラットの煌めき。; The Glimmer of 10 Carats.)
  3. My Days for You (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVDEdit

  1. My Days for You (MUSIC VIDEO)

Single V Edit

  1. My Days for You (Riverside Ver.)
  2. My Days for You (Bus Ver.)
  3. Making of (メイキング映像)

TV PerformancesEdit

Mano erina my days for you!

Mano Erina promoting single


Mano Erina promoting single

  • [2012.07.25] Coming Soon

Concert PerformancesEdit

Single InformationEdit

  1. My Days for You
  2. 10 Carat no Kirameki.

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 19 10 9 11 20 10 11,191
41 - - - - - - 75 906
- - - - - - - - 525

Total Reported Sales: 12,622

Single V
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 8 15 11 13 - - 16 959

Total Reported Sales: 959

Additional VideosEdit


  • This is the fourth Mano Erina single to have an English name. The first being Lucky Aura, the second being Lalala-Sososo, and third being Love&Peace=Paradise
  • As shown on Hello Pro! TIME, Mano mentioned that they were filming where her ex-lover used to be. And the song is a thank you for him always being there for her even if he left.
  • Niigaki Risa covered the title song in her Hello Cover album.
  • This is Mano Erina's lowest selling major label single.

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