Muratani Shimai
Muratani shimai-thumb-450x450-72353
Muratani Shimai, 2017
Genre J-Pop
Years Active 2016-Present
Associated Acts Melon Kinenbi
Members Murata Megumi, Otani Masae
Muratani Shimai (村谷姉妹; Muratani Sisters) is a Japanese pop duo formed by former Melon Kinenbi Members Murata Megumi and Otani Masae . Their name is a combination of the kanji from each member's family name ( Mura from Murata, and 谷 Tani from Otani).


  • Murata Megumi
  • Otani Masae


In early 2016 Murata Megumi and Otani Masae announced plans to hold a live event in the Fall that same year. They held their first show at Shinjuku Loft, where they performed songs by Melon Kinenbi and Taiyou to Ciscomoon. Further live shows were later announced, and Otani began selling Muratani Shimai merchandise on her online store.

In February 2017, Muratani Shimai held a mini event at the Akihabara Hello! Project shop celebrating Otani's 35th birthday. At this event, they announced their debut single, "Reborn / Sono Hi Made", would be released on March 17th.



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