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Murata Megumi (村田めぐみ) is a former Japanese singer under UP-FRONT AGENCY. She graduated from Hello! Project with the rest of the Elder Club in 2009, and was a member of Melon Kinenbi until their disbandment in 2010. In 2011, she retired from show business, but she has participated in a couple of events with the briefly reunited Melon Kinenbi since then.


Murata Megumi, 2009

Murata Megumi, 2008

Murata Megumi, 2007

Murata Megumi, 2006

Murata Megumi, 2005


Murata passed the second Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo Imōtobun Audition Morning Musume & Michiyo Heike Imōtobun Audition, out of about 4,000 total people to audition. The final four were: Saito Hitomi, Murata, Otani Masae, and Shibata Ayumi were chosen to form a new Hello! Project group, called Melon Kinenbi. Murata was originally leader of the group at the time of its founding in 1999, until leadership was given to Saito in September 2002.


She was easily recognizable amidst the ever-growing Hello! Project because she was currently the only member who wore glasses full-time, since they first appeared during the promotion of MI DA RA Matenrou. However, since 2006 she has appeared without her glasses and started wearing contacts.


Megumi graduated from the Hello! Project with the Elder Club in March 2009, but continued with Melon Kinenbi until the group separated in May 2010.


In May 2010, Melon Kinenbi officially disbanded.

It was announced in June 26, 2010, that Murata would remain contracted and re-signed with UP-FRONT AGENCY, and pursue a solo career.

On July 1, 2010, Murata altered her stage name slightly so that it was written entirely in katakana (ムラタメグミ) instead. She also opened up a blog in July.

In August, Megumi opened up a Twitter account.


On March 2, 2011, It was announced through her blog that Murata would soon be leaving the Entertainment Industry. Though Murata had planned on leaving March 31, 2011, she cancelled her planned graduation due to her family's being affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

As of March 31, 2011, Murata Megumi has officially left Up Front Agency as planned. She posted on her blog a short message saying goodbye to show business and Up Front Agency as well as posting a goodbye message to her fans for 11 years of support.


In early 2016 Murata announced that she would be reuniting with former Melon Kinenbi groupmate Otani Masae to form the unit Muratani Shimai. They held their debut live in Fall.


  • Name: Murata Megumi (村田めぐみ)
  • Stage Name: Murata Megumi (ムラタメグミ)
  • Nicknames: Muracchi (むらっち), Mura-san (村さん), Mume (ムメ), Megu-chan (めぐちゃん)
  • Birthday: March 3, 1981 (1981-03-03) (age 41)
  • Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 160 cm (5 ft 2.9 in)?
  • Western Zodiac: Pisces.svg Pisces
  • Eastern Zodiac: Rooster.png Rooster
  • Former Melon Kinenbi Color: LightBlue Penlight.png Light Blue
  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Shuffle Units:
  • Concert Units:

  • Hobbies: Enjoying movies, collecting tiny items, reading
  • Special skills: Drawing portraits, giving pieces of advice
  • Favorite colors: Purple, baby pink, iridescent
  • Favorite flowers: Hydrangeas, daffodils, cherry blossoms, pink roses, sweetpeas
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite movies: Chicago, Forrest Gump
  • Favorite word: Cuticles
  • Favorite food: Mapo tofu
  • Disliked food: Meat
  • Favorite song: Koi Hitoyo

  • Discography[]

    Main article: Murata Megumi/Discography

    Solo Songs


    TV Programs[]


    • [2005.04.01-2008.03.29] TBC Fun Field Mōretsu Mōdasshu (ふぃーるど・モーレツモーダッシュ)
    • [2008.04.05-2008.06.28] Hello! Project Melon Kinenbi no "Muratajio" (ハロー!プロジェクト メロン記念日の“ムラタジオ)
    • [2010-??-?? - ??] Satomi Doi no Yokohama Lohas" Radio Honjitsu (「土井里美のヨコハマろはす」ラジオ日本)


    Edo Kara Chakushin!? ~Timeslip to Kengai!~Girl's Knight


    • Murata became the first (and to date only) member of Melon Kinenbi to be included on Hello! Project's official list of graduates, being the only member still with Up-Front.
    • For several years her "trademark" within the group was wearing glasses. But since 2006, she has rarely worn them, saying that the glasses had become "too comfortable" to her - while performing she wears contact lenses, but still wears glasses at home.
    • Originally she was the group's leader, but she felt unfit for the task and the responsibility was given to the second-oldest member, Saito Hitomi. She then became sub-leader.
    • Murata was one of the more active members of the group, appearing regularly on Hello! Morning, and hosting concerts.

    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles
    Preceded by
    Leader of Melon Kinenbi
    1999 – 2002
    Succeeded by
    Saito Hitomi

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