Murasaki Shikibu (ムラサキシキブ; Lady Murasaki) is Heike Michiyo's 11th single, and her last as a member of Hello! Project.[1] It was released on June 5, 2002.


Heike Michiyo - Murasaki Shikibu (MV)

Heike Michiyo - Murasaki Shikibu (MV)

Murasaki Shikibu

  1. Murasaki Shikibu
  2. Yume no Hanashi (夢の話; Story of a Dream)
  3. Murasaki Shikibu (Instrumental)

Single InformationEdit

Murasaki Shikibu
Yume no Hanashi

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Murasaki Shikibu

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 39 4,860

Total Reported Sales: 6,890


  • "Murasaki Shikibu" refers to Lady Murasaki, the author of the classic Japanese literary work The Tales of Genji.[3]


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