Morning Musume no Heso (モーニング娘。のへそ) was a daily TV show with the first three generations of Morning Musume, joined later by the fourth generation. The show is generally thought of as the precursor to Hello! Morning, but actually they both started at the same time. The show was about 3-5 minutes long, and consisted of Heike Michiyo hosting a bunch of gradeschool-esque but fun games. The show ran every weekday from 2000.04.03 to 2000.09.29.

Morning Musume no Heso

Heike, Yaguchi, Goto, Ichii, Yasuda, Abe, Iida, Nakazawa

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Released as fan club exclusive. The three first VHS were later released exclusively for 7-Eleven.

  1. Morning Musume no Heso Aimonogatari 1 (モーニング娘。のへそ 愛物語1)
  2. Morning Musume no Heso Aimonogatari 2 (モーニング娘。のへそ 愛物語2)
  3. Morning Musume no Heso Ryouri-bin (モーニング娘。のへそ 料理便)
  4. Morning Musume no Heso Heso Buta Soudatsu-hen (モーニング娘。のへそ へそブタ争奪編)

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