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Morning Musume Fc Special CD is a fanclub-exclusive CD box-set by Morning Musume and was released February 14, 2001. The CD box-set consists of 10 CDs in total, one for each of the active Morning Musume members at the time. Each CD contained 2 tracks: an original solo song and a message by each of the members.

In 2001, the fanclub-exclusive CDs by each member were sold separately at Morning Musume concerts, where fans would get an 8 cm picture CD (without a cover) and a lyrics sheet. The CD box-set was exclusively available through the fanclub, and it came with a pouch to store all the CDs.


25s clip of "Gochomaze LOVE"

25s clip of "Ren'ai tte Naani?"

Nakazawa Yuko CD[]

  1. Yu.u.wa.ku (ゆ・う・わ・く; Temptation) - Nakazawa Yuko
  2. Message from Yuko - Nakazawa Yuko

Abe Natsumi CD[]

  1. Manatsu no Tanjoubi (真夏の誕生日; Midsummer Birthday) - Abe Natsumi
  2. Message from Natsumi - Abe Natsumi

Iida Kaori CD[]

  1. Anata no Kami no Kaori (あなたの髪の香り; The Scent of Your Hair) - Iida Kaori
  2. Message from Kaori - Iida Kaori

Yaguchi Mari CD[]

  1. Marine Sports! (マリーンスポーツ!) - Yaguchi Mari
  2. Message from Mari - Yaguchi Mari

Yasuda Kei CD[]

  1. LOVE -Keisan Chigai- (LOVE-計算チガイ-; LOVE Miscalculation) - Yasuda Kei
  2. Message from Kei - Yasuda Kei

Goto Maki CD[]

  1. Gochamaze LOVE (ごちゃまぜLOVE; Scrambled LOVE) - Goto Maki
  2. Message from Maki - Goto Maki

Ishikawa Rika CD[]

  1. Rikaishite > Onna no Ko (理解して>女の子; Understand > Girls) - Ishikawa Rika
  2. Message from Rika - Ishikawa Rika

Yoshizawa Hitomi CD[]

  1. "Yoshite, Yoshite..." (「よして、よして...」; "Stop It, Stop It...") - Yoshizawa Hitomi
  2. Message from Hitomi - Yoshizawa Hitomi

Kago Ai CD[]

  1. Ren'ai tte Naani? (恋愛ってなあに?; What is "Love"?) - Kago Ai
  2. Message from Ai - Kago Ai

Tsuji Nozomi CD[]

  1. NON STOP - Tsuji Nozomi
  2. Message from Nozomi - Tsuji Nozomi

Featured Members[]

Song Information[]

  • All Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement: Nomura Yoshio
Manatsu no Tanjoubi
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo
Anata no Kami no Kaori
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo
Marine Sports!
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo
LOVE -Keisan Chigai-
  • Arrangement: Nomura Yoshio
Gochamaze LOVE
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo
Rikaishite > Onna no Ko
  • Arrangement: Nomura Yoshio
"Yoshite, Yoshite..."
  • Arrangement: Nomura Yoshio
Ren'ai tte Naani?
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo

Concert Performances[]

Rikaishite > Onna no Ko



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