Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.52
DVD Magazine by Morning Musume
Released June 12, 2013
Length 73 min.
Morning Musume DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.51 (2013)
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Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.52 is a DVD magazine by Morning Musume. It was released on June 12, 2013 as merchandise for the Gogakuyuu stage play.

The five members starring in Gogakuyuu have a showdown with a variety of contests! Who will have the last laugh? At the end there will be a great reward and a punishment game.


  1. Putter Golf Taiketsu (パターゴルフ対決; Putter Gold Showdown)
  2. Catch & Donburi Battle! (キャッチ&どんぶりバトル!; Catch & Bowl Battle!)
  3. Yumiya de Dokkyuun Battle! (弓矢でドッキューンバトル!; Heart-stopping Bow and Arrow Battle!)
  4. 1 Tai 1 Tsunahiki Battle (1対1綱引きバトル; One-on-One Tug of War Battle)

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