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The following is a list of auditions held for the J-pop group Morning Musume.


Audition Title Broadcast On Requirements Total Applicants Audition Song Result
Tsuika Audition
(2nd Generation)
ASAYAN (1998) Not specified 5,000 No training camp or theme song Black Colorball.png Yasuda Kei
LightPurple Colorball.png Yaguchi Mari
Black Colorball.png Ichii Sayaka
2nd Tsuika Audition
(3rd Generation)
ASAYAN (1999) Female, middle school 1st year+ 11,000 Summer Night Town (Morning Musume) Black Colorball.png Goto Maki
3rd Tsuika Audition
(4th Generation)
ASAYAN (2000) Female, middle school 1st year+ 25,000 Voice: Akai Nikkichou (Akagumi 4)
Dance: Koi no Dance Site (Morning Musume)
DeepPink Colorball.png Ishikawa Rika
Purple Colorball.png Yoshizawa Hitomi
Black Colorball.png Tsuji Nozomi
Black Colorball.png Kago Ai
LOVE Audition 21
(5th Generation)
muSix (2001) Female, middle school 1st year+ 25,827 Voice: LOVE Namida Iro (Matsuura Aya)
Group Voice: I WISH (Morning Musume)
GoldenYellow Colorball.png Takahashi Ai
Pink Colorball.png Konno Asami
Blue Colorball.png Ogawa Makoto
YellowGreen Colorball.png Niigaki Risa
LOVE Audition 2002
(6th Generation)
muSix (2002) Female, middle school 1st year - high school 3rd year 12,417 Voice: Akai Freesia (Melon Kinenbi)
Dance: Do it! Now (Morning Musume)
Red Colorball.png Fujimoto Miki
Orange Colorball.png Kamei Eri
Pink Colorball.png Michishige Sayumi
LightBlue Colorball.png Tanaka Reina
Lucky 7 Audition
(7th Generation)
Hello! Morning (2004) Female, middle School 3rd year+, under 20 years old Unknown Voice: Haru no Uta (Morning Musume)
Dance: Dokusenyoku (Morning Musume)
Audition 2005
(7th Generation)
Hello! Morning (2005) Female, middle school 1st year+, under 22 Years Old 21,611 No training camp or theme song Grey Colorball.png Kusumi Koharu
Happy 8ki Audition
(8th Generation)
Hello! Morning (2006) Female, middle school, under 21 years old 6,883 Voice: Aruiteru (Morning Musume)
Dance:Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan (Morning Musume)
LightPurple Colorball.png Mitsui Aika
9ki Audition
(9th Generation)
Bijo Gaku (2010) Female, ages 10 - 17 9,000+ Voice: Aitai Lonely Christmas (℃-ute)
Dance: GET UP! Rapper (SALT5), CRAZY ABOUT YOU (Minimoni)
DeepPink Colorball.png Fukumura Mizuki
Purple Colorball.png Ikuta Erina
Red Colorball.png Sayashi Riho
Green Colorball.png Suzuki Kanon
Genki Jirushi Audition
(10th Generation)
TV Tokyo (Hello Pro! TIME) Female, ages 10 - 17 6,000+ Voice: Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara (Takahashi Ai)
Dance: Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai (Morning Musume)
Chocolate Colorball.png Iikubo Haruna
RoyalBlue Colorball.png Ishida Ayumi
EmeraldGreen Colorball.png Sato Masaki
Orange Colorball.png Kudo Haruka
Suppin Utahime Auditions
(11th Generation)
TV Tokyo (Hello! SATOYAMA Life) Female, ages 10 - 17 7,000+ Voice: Be Alive (Morning Musume)
Dance: What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~ (Morning Musume), One・Two・Three (Morning Musume)
Lavender Colorball.png Oda Sakura
"Mirai Shoujo" Audition
(12th Generation)
TV Tokyo (Hello! SATOYAMA Life) Female, ages 10 - 17 6,500+ Voice: Kanashiki Amefuri (℃-ute)
Dance: Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne (Juice=Juice)
'14 <Golden> Audition!
(12th Generation)
Hello! Project Station (post-audition) Female, ages 10 - 17 8,000+ Voice: Date ja nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa (Juice=Juice)
Dance: Seishun Beat wa 16 (Hello Pro Kenshuusei)
SeaBlue Colorball.png Ogata Haruna
Purple Colorball.png Nonaka Miki
LightPink Colorball.png Makino Maria
LightOrange Colorball.png Haga Akane
'16 Shinseki Audition
(13th Generation)
N/A Female, ages 10 - 17 N/A N/A None
N/A N/A N/A ItalianRed Colorball.png Kaga Kaede
GoldenYellow Colorball.png Yokoyama Reina
'19 LOVE Audition
(15th Generation)
Upcoming (post-audition) Female, elementary 5th year - high school 2nd year 4,500+ Group Performance: Help me!! (Morning Musume)
Solo Performance: Only you (Morning Musume)
SeaBlue Colorball.png Kitagawa Rio
Daisy Colorball.png Okamura Homare
BrightGreen Colorball.png Yamazaki Mei