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Morning Musume 12th Generation Member "Mirai Shoujo" Audition (モーニング娘。12期メンバー「未来少女」オーディション) was the audition to choose 12th generation members for Morning Musume. The auditions were announced on March 16, 2013, the first day of the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Haru Michishige☆Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Sotsugyou Kinen Special~, and the results were announced on August 24, 2013.

Although no one won the Mirai Shoujo audition, the seven finalists were later added to Hello Pro Kenshuusei. The auditions were re-held in 2014 with Morning Musume '14 <Golden> Audition!.

Audition Details[]

  • Application Requirements:
    1. Female, Minimum of age 10 and maximum of 17 years of age by March 31, 2013.
    2. Must not currently be under contract with any agencies.
    3. Must have consent from legal guardian if under age.
  • Application Deadline: April 30, 2013; June 30, 2013
  • Total Applicants: 6,500+
  • Training Camp Choreographer: YOSHIKO
  • Training Camp Singing Teacher: Ueno Mariko
  • Broadcast: Hello! SATOYAMA Life

Audition Process[]

First round[]

The application deadline was April 30, 2013. However, due to a large amount of submitted applications after the deadline, applicants can also go to a specific location between May 25 and June 30th to audition in person. They must bring their paperwork and will perform a song acapella. Except for the audition events in Tokyo, auditioners will find out the same day if they move on to round two.

  • May 25, Hiroshima
  • May 26, Fukuoka
  • June 1, Sendai
  • June 2, Sapporo
  • June 8, Tokyo
  • June 9, Osaka
  • June 15, Tokyo
  • June 22, Nagoya
  • June 23, Tokyo
  • June 30, Osaka

Second Round[]

The second round was from June 29th to the July 16th. The videotape and profile of each girl were viewed by Tsunku, who then arbitrarily selected the ones he wanted to go into the third round. All the candidates were interviewed during this 2nd round.

  • For those who auditioned in person in Tokyo, the second round (exam) was held on June 29.
  • On July 16, the second round ended, those who passed the second round were mailed their results.

Third Round[]

On August 15, the 50 candidates gathered in Tokyo for further screening. From there, they were selected, and invited to the training camp. Kenshuusei joined in this round. The third round ended on August 15.

Fourth Round[]

The fourth round was on August 22 and 23. The finalists were taken to a training camp from where they received dance and vocal lessons, were they individually recorded Ten Made Nobore! and danced WANT! in a group in front of Tsunku and the dance teacher.

7 girls were chosen to participate in the fourth round:


On the August 24, a video was uploaded on the Youtube channel morningmusumechannel, with Tsunku announcing the results. No one passed and as for now, there won't be a 12th generation. 

Tsunku himself stated that some of the girls were really good and might be too good for Morning Musume which makes them stand out too much, and some girls where not that good which would have made them work too hard. The line-up at this moment is perfect for him. Tsunku is considering creating a new group within Hello! Project consisting of finalists from this audition.

Tsunku has invited all of the girls he saw potential in to join Hello Pro Kenshuusei to gain more experience. It was later revealed on September 22, 2013 that the 7 finalists had joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

Footage of the Auditions[]

Video Messages from Tsunku and Members[]

Comments by Tsunku and Members[]

  • Tsunku said: "To be able to take on the future of Morning Musume, I want to discover a spontaneous girl with an original image as if she’s from the future who will surely establish the era of tomorrow. If there is no valuable person in the audition, the number of Hello! Project members is not important for us. We are not a small profit and quick return group. We are professional. So nobody will pass the audition."
  • Tsunku asked the group: "What kind of 12th gen member do you want?"
    • Michishige Sayumi said: "As it is right now, when I say I'm the cutest it's not even a joke as I am the cutest, so I want a girl who's unbelievably cute so I end up being a joke when I say I'm the cutest."
    • Tanaka Reina said: "I want a yankee. As I'm graduating, the bothersome one will be gone. Someone who has a lot of confidence and makes their surroundings feel stronger."
    • Fukumura Mizuki said: "We don't have any more colors so isn't it enough already..."
    • Ikuta Erina said: "Eeeh, let's see. I thought that I was the girl of the future. No, no, really, I am a future girl. But I want a girl who's able to win over me."
    • Sayashi Riho said: "I want a reliable girl to join! Because like if another girl like Masaki-chan joins.... No, no, I like you Masaki-chan! But... but if a lot of girls like her joins..."
    • Iikubo Haruna said: "Two new members!"
    • Ishida Ayumi said: "Ah... mm... eeh... Right.... I'll believe in you, Tsunku-san, and just wait."
    • Sato Masaki said: "Eeeh... a normal girl."
    • Kudo Haruka said: "Eh, is it not too early? I don’t want someone too boyish to join. Leave that to me!"
    • Oda Sakura said "Earlier, before the concert, I told Suzuki-san how it seems likely that there will be an announcement like this..." Suzuki Kanon then responded: "Eh, you did?"


  • This is the second Morning Musume audition to not have any winners.
  • All members from Hello Pro Kenshuusei, except Juice=Juice's members, were allowed to participate in this audition and automatically passed to the third round, but none has passed to the final round.
  • Tsunku had previously commented on the TV show Monomane Grand Prix that he wanted a girl named Fukumoto Manaka to join Morning Musume. It is possible that he planned on adding her through this audition. When Fukumoto was asked about the audition, she said she wanted to be a solo singer rather than an idol.
  • There was a billboard promoting the audition, that had one empty yellow box that said "Next is you!!".
  • Before the deadline was extended, 6,000+ girls had already sent applications in.
  • Former Hello Pro Kenshuusei member Yamaga Kanae was rumored to have auditioned.
  • Current STU48 member and YouTuber Sakaki Miyu, also known as Cuca, had previously participated in this audition but failed to pass.
  • A YouTube dancer named Heidi auditioned in Nagoya, but failed.
  • According to a high school senior who auditioned but failed, the girls who were in the second round auditions the same day as her, and passed into the second round were mostly elementary school-aged.
  • Tsunku had said in a tweet that the 12th generation candidates were strong. He wondered what would happen to the balance of the group if they were added to the group.
  • In 2020, Tsunku stated he had wanted Juice=Juice member Dambara Ruru to join the group but managmement decided against it.[1]
  • Kaga Kaede auditioned but failed in the third round. But was eventually added in Morning Musume in 2016 as a member of the 13th generation.
  • Former PINK CRES. member Nihei Yuuka applied to this audition, but was unsuccessful.
  • The seven finalists were given a week to decide whether they wanted to take up the offer of becoming Kenshuusei. On September 22, all seven finalists were added to Hello Pro Kenshuusei.


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