Morning Musume '18 DVD Magazine Vol.106 is a DVD magazine by Morning Musume '18. It was released on March 16, 2018 as merchandise for the Morning Musume Tanjou 20 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2018 Haru ~We are MORNING MUSUME~.


In this DVD magazine, Morning Musume '18 gather at Round1 and are separated into teams for sports challenge showdowns. The members have their fill of fun, from sports to the food court!

Featured Members


  • Nonaka Miki was recorded separate from the rest of the group due to her traveling to the United States for training as a RakutenTV NBA ambassador.[1]



  1. Nonaka Miki. "1人ラウンドワン!/勉強ー。@野中美希" (in Japanese). Morning Musume 12ki Official Blog. 2018-02-16.

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