Morning Musume '17 Shijou Drama "Haikei, Haru-senpai! ~Higashi-Azabu Koukou Hakusho~"
Regular Edition
Book by Morning Musume '17
Native Title モーニング娘。'17誌上ドラマ 『拝啓、ハル先輩!~東麻布高校白書~』
Released December 11, 2017
Publisher Wani Books
Morning Musume '17 Publications Chronology
Previous Morning Musume '14 BOOK "Sayumin no... Oshiete Kouhai!" (2014)
Next Morning Musume 20 Shuunen Kinen Official Book (2018)
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Morning Musume '17 Shijou Drama "Haikei, Haru-senpai! ~Higashi-Azabu Koukou Hakusho~" (モーニング娘。'17誌上ドラマ 『拝啓、ハル先輩!~東麻布高校白書~』; Morning Musume '17 Magazine Drama "Dear Upperclassman Haru! ~Higashi-Azabu High School Report~") is a compilation book of Haikei, Haru-senpai! featuring Morning Musume '17, which was a series of gravure photo stories published in UTB+ magazine throughout 2017. It was released on December 11, 2017 by Wani Books.

On May 25, 2020, the eBook edition was released through Amazon Kindle, Rakuten, 7net, and DMM.[1]

Official DescriptionEdit

Morning Musume '17's Kudo Haruka as a boy?!
It's creating a stir!! Originally published in UTB+ magazine. All appearances of Morning Musume '17's magazine drama.

In 2017, Morning Musume celebrated their 20th anniversary.
Deciding to graduate from the group in December that year is Kudo Haruka, who portrays everyone's subject of admiration Haru-senpai (a boy) in Haikei, Haru-senpai!, which is finally released as a complete edition!
The series became popular from the first publication, and with fans' extreme support, it has become a single volume.

It includes all appearances by the 14 members, who each play a student or teacher character. The story unfolds at Higashi-Azabu High School, where the prince of the school, Haru-senpai, makes his rounds. The book contains all 16 episodes, from first to last.
Love, friendship, bonds... a tennis tournament of destiny, the cultural festival, and finally――little story details unique to the complete edition to watch out for.
Who on earth is Haru-senpai fated to be with? Don't miss out on the last shock!

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