Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazine Vol.97
DVD Magazine by Morning Musume '17
Released September 23, 2017
Length 82 min.
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Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazine Vol.97 is a DVD magazine by Morning Musume '17. It was released on September 23, 2017 as merchandise for the Morning Musume Tanjou 20 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2017 Aki ~We are MORNING MUSUME~.


Fukumura Mizuki presents☆Summer Camp Part 2! To welcome new memories with 14th generation member Morito Chisaki, the group departs for Lake Kawaguchi. There are sparklers, watermelon, marine sports, and a customary barbecue for the 14 members to fully enjoy the summer! Included in the DVD case is a special part 2 booklet illustrated by Fukumura herself.


  1. Opening ~ Bus Idou (オープニング~バス移動; Bus Traveling)
  2. Cottage Touchaku ~ Hanabi (コテージ到着~花火; Arriving at the Cottage ~ Sparklers)
  3. Pajama Party (パジャマパーティー)
  4. Choushoku-dzukiri (朝食づくり; Making Breakfast)
  5. Suikawari (スイカ割り; Watermelon Splitting)
  6. Blueberry Kari (ブルーベリー狩り; Blueberry Picking)
  7. Marine Sports (マリンスポーツ)
  8. Barbecue (バーベキュー)
  9. Ending (エンディング)

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  • The first summer camp was held in 2015 and was featured in Vol.74 and Vol.76.


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