Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazine Vol.91
DVD Magazine by Morning Musume '17
Released March 18, 2017
Length 93 min.
Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazines Chronology
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Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazine Vol.91 is a DVD magazine released by Morning Musume '17. It was released on March 18, 2017 as merchandise for the Morning Musume '17 Concert Tour Haru ~THE INSPIRATION!~.


This DVD magazine is a mystery tour set in a school. The members are separated into teams with goal of quickly solving puzzles and riddled instructions.


  2. Kikaku Happyou ~ Team Wake (企画発表~チーム分け; Announcement of Plans ~ Splitting into Teams)
  3. Nazotoki Trial ni Chousen Fukumura Team (謎解きトライアルに挑戦 譜久村チーム; Fukumura Team Challenge the Mystery Trial)
  4. Nazotoki Trial ni Chousen Ikuta Team (謎解きトライアルに挑戦 生田チーム; Ikuta Team Challenge the Mystery Trial)
  5. Nazotoki Trial ni Chousen Iikubo Team (謎解きトライアルに挑戦 飯窪チーム; Iikubo Team Challenge the Mystery Trial)
  6. Kekka Happyou ~ Gohoubi (結果発表~ご褒美; Results Announcement ~ Reward)

Featured MembersEdit


  • 10th generation member Sato Masaki is absent from the DVD magazine due to her recovering from a lower back injury at the time of filming.


  • This is the first Morning Musume DVD magazine to feature the 13th generation members.
  • More footage of the showdown was later released in Vol.94.


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