Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazine Vol.100
DVD Magazine by Morning Musume '17
Released November 3, 2017
Length 76 min.
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Morning Musume '17 DVD Magazine Vol.100 is a DVD magazine by Morning Musume '17. It was released on November 3, 2017 as merchandise for the Morning Musume Tanjou 20 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2017 Aki ~We are MORNING MUSUME~.[1]


The DVD magazine features a live-action drama adaptation of the Haikei, Haru-senpai! (拝啓、ハル先輩!) gravure photo story that was serialized in UTB+ magazine throughout 2017.[1][2] It features a different story and ending from the magazine, and Ishida Ayumi also does narration.[3]


  1. Haikei, Haru-senpai! (拝啓、ハル先輩!; Dear Upperclassman Haru!)
  2. Side Ayumi (Side アユミ)
  3. Side Maria (Side マリア)
  4. Side Maa-chan (Side まーちゃん)
  5. Side Mizuki-san (Side 聖さん)
  6. Side Haruka (Side 遥)

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  • Haikei, Haru-senpai! was first published in UTB+ vol.36 in February 2017 as a gravure photo story featuring Kudo Haruka and Makino Maria, in which Kudo portrayed a high school boy called "Haru-senpai" and Makino was his junior named "Marianne".[4] Due its popularity with fans, a second photo story was published in UTB+ vol.38, this time featuring Haru-senpai with Sato Masaki as his classmate "Maa-chan", Ishida Ayumi as his childhood friend "Ayumin", and Nonaka Miki as his junior and fellow club member "Naka-chan".[5] Continuations featuring Haru-senpai with all of Morning Musume '17 were published in Up to Boy vol.258[6] and UTB+ vol.40[7] with the remaining members as other students or school faculty.
    • The series did not have an official title until Up to Boy vol.258, in which it was titled Haikei, Haru-senpai! ~Higashi-Azabu Koukou Hakusho~ (拝啓、ハル先輩! ~東麻布高校白書~; Dear Upperclassman Haru! ~Higashi-Azabu High School Report~), or Haikei, Haru-senpai! for short.[8]
  • A compilation book of the magazine series, titled Morning Musume '17 Shijou Drama "Haikei, Haru-senpai! ~Higashi-Azabu Koukou Hakusho~", was released on December 11, 2017 with a different ending from the DVD.[9]
  • The script was written by Nishimori Hideyuki,[10] who was also the director for the musicals Koisuru Hello Kitty and Zoku 11nin Iru! Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa. He said on Twitter that most of the scenes were shot in one take because the members were amazingly focused on getting the drama done.[10]
  • Making-of footage is featured in Vol.103.


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