Morning Musume '16 Suzuki Kanon FC Event
DVD Cover
DVD by Suzuki Kanon
Native title モーニング娘。'16 鈴木香音FCイベント
Genre Fanclub Event
Format DVD
Recorded May 27, 2016

Suzuki Kanon promoting the event

Morning Musume '16 Suzuki Kanon FC Event (モーニング娘。'16 鈴木香音FCイベント) is the last fanclub event featuring Morning Musume '16 member Suzuki Kanon. One event took place on May 27, 2016 at Yamano Hall.

The deadline for fanclub members to pre-order the DVD is on July 28, 2016.


  1. MC
  2. Tropica~l Koishite~ru
  3. Watarasebashi
  4. MC
  5. Aitai Lonely Christmas
  6. Asu wo Tsukuru no wa Kimi
  7. MC
  8. My Days for You

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Event ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
5/27 Yamano Hall Tokyo 17:30 18:15



  • The event was originally going to start at 19:00, but was changed to an earlier time in order for Morning Musume '16 to appear on Music Station that same evening.[1][2]
  • Mitsui Aika came to watch the event.[3]


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