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Michishige Sayumi promoting the event

Morning Musume '14 Michishige Sayumi FC Event (モーニング娘。’14 道重さゆみFCイベント) was Michishige Sayumi's last solo fanclub event before her graduation from Morning Musume '14 and Hello! Project. Two shows were held on November 10, 2014 at Zepp Tokyo.

The deadline for fanclub members to pre-order the DVD was on January 15, 2015 and it was released on January 27, 2015.[1]

Disc 2 of the dvd had corrupted audio during the song HAPPY Daisakusen and a corrected version was send to fanclub members. ☆ was added after FCHP-1059 on the corrected disc version.[2][3]


  1. Shabadaba Doo~
  2. Performance Varies
  3. Lalala no Pipipi
  4. Performance Varies
  5. Happy Daisakusen

Event Schedule[]

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
11/10 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo 15:30 16:30
18:30 19:30


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