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Morning Musume Eras (2020)

This page lists all of Morning Musume's known eras from over the years.

Throughout Morning Musume's history, fans have coined names for the most notable eras of the group. Prior to 2020, only three eras were widely recognized among both domestic and overseas fans alike, and officially recognized by the group and media.[1] However, it was often debated when each era begins or ends, and there were years in between that have no significant name.

During the September 1, 2019 episode of JAPAN COUNTDOWN CHECK, a fourth era was named by the Morning Musume members. Later, on September 2, 2020, during a Morning Musume special episode of Konya Kurabete Mimashita, Tsunku appeared as a guest and officially confirmed the timeline of all four eras.[2]

Golden Era (1999-2004)[]

Golden Era

The "Golden Era" (黄金期; Ougon Ki) was the most successful period of Morning Musume, and gained its name from both their success and also the signature golden outfits associated with the single "The☆Peace!". The Golden Era is officially defined as the time period starting in August 1999 with Goto Maki's addition, and ending in January 2004 with Abe Natsumi's graduation.

At the start of the Golden Era, Morning Musume's most successful single "LOVE Machine" became a huge hit and sold over a million copies.[3] As a result, this era saw chart topping success with other hit singles, as well as their only 2 million seller album, Best! Morning Musume 1. This success opened doors for more opportunities for Hello! Project. However, this era was also Morning Musume's most volatile line-up, with many members leaving and entering the group during this time.


Platinum Era (2007-2010)[]

Platinum Era

This era started after the secession of Fujimoto Miki in June 2007 and lasted until the graduations of Kamei Eri, Junjun, and Linlin in December 2010.[4] It is approximately equal to the period Takahashi Ai was the leader (2007-2011).

Named the "Platinum Era" (プラチナ期; Platinum Ki) after their album Platinum 9 DISC, Morning Musume was at the height of their performance skills, setting the foundation for the group's singing and dancing ability for future eras. This was also their most stable line-up, with just one member change throughout the entire era. Despite this, the group was also at their lowest ever sales, being less popular than in any other era.[5]


Colorful Era (2011-2014)[]

Colorful Era

This era officially began with the 9th generation's addition in January 2011, and ended with leader Michishige Sayumi's graduation in November 2014. It was named the "Colorful Era" (カラフル期; Colorful Ki) after their album ⑬ Colorful Character.[6]

This era saw the resurgence of single sales starting with the single "One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Show", and the first time the group achieved five consecutive singles debuting at #1 in the weekly Oricon rankings with "Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe / Password is 0". This era was also the peak of Morning Musume's EDM sound and signature "formation dance".[7]


Fukumura Mizu Era (2014-present)[]

Fukumura Mizu Era

During the September 1, 2019 episode of JAPAN COUNTDOWN CHECKFukumura MizukiHaga AkaneKaga Kaede, and Yokoyama Reina were asked during an interview segment what the current era of Morning Musume was. Haga Akane's response was, jokingly, the Fukumura Mizu Ki (ふくむらみず期; Fukumura Mizu Era). 

On September 2, 2020, it was officially confirmed as an era of Morning Musume, and is defined as the time period of Fukumura Mizuki's leadership. As the namesake of the era, Fukumura Mizuki is known as the longest-serving leader of the group overall, and her sub-leader Ikuta Erina is similarly the longest-serving sub-leader.


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