Morning Days Happy Holiday Michishige Sayumi Birthday Fanclub Bus Tour in Yamaguchi (Morning Days Happy Holiday 道重さゆみバースデーファンクラブツアー in 山口) was Michishige Sayumi's last solo fanclub bus tour as a member of Morning Musume '14 and Hello! Project which was held to celebrate her 25th birthday. It took place from July 12 to July 14, 2017.

The deadline for fanclub members to pre-order the DVD was on August 28, 2014.

Setlist[edit | edit source]

  1. Sungoi My Birthday
  2. Lalala no Pipipi
  3. My Days for You
  4. Haru Beautiful Everyday
  5. Lemon Iro to Milk Tea
  6. Watashi no Jidai!
  7. 1 Kara 10 Made Aishite Hoshii
  8. Loving you forever
  9. Happy Daisakusen

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