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Morimusu, April 2014. "60 years later."

Morimusu (モリ娘。) is a special unit featuring Morning Musume '14 and comedians Morisanchuu (森三中). The unit's purpose was promoting student discounts on au products through a series of commercials.

The unit was announced on January 22, 2014 at the au Presentation Spring 2014 event, and their first commercial aired on January 24, 2014. 

Morimusu's song Password is 0 (Morimusu Ver.) was featured in Morning Musume '14 56th single.

The campaign ended on June 1, 2014.


From Morning Musume '14
From Morisanchuu



  • The third Morisanchuu member, Murakami Tomoko, could not participate in the campaign because she was on maternity leave. She did, however, briefly appear in the first commercial in a small-circle.
  • Oshima Miyuki announced a few days after Morimusu was formed that she planned to go on hiatus in order to study about pregnancy, and prepare for pregnancy. Her announcement did not affect her activity in Morimusu.
  • This is the first Morning Musume related unit for all members except Michishige Sayumi, who previously participated in Morning Musume Otome Gumi and Muten Musume.

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