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真野恵里菜 『Glory days』

Glory days


Mano Erina - Tenkiyohou ga Atattara

Tenkiyohou ga Atattara

More Friends Over is the 3rd album by Mano Erina. The album was released on March 28, 2012 in Regular & Limited Edition under the hachama label. It reached position #27 on the Oricon Weekly Chart and sold a total of 3,845 copies. It is her lowest selling album.



  1. Junjou Keisatsu K・I・S・S (純情警察K・I・S・S; A Pure Police Kiss)
  2. Glory days
  3. Seishun no Serenade
  4. ~"Shinkou wa Michiko" no Jikan 1~ (~「進行はミチコ」の時間①~; ~"Progress is Michiko"'s Time 1~)
  5. Eien ~Tasogare Kousaten time goes by~ (永遠~黄昏交差点 time goes by~; Eternity ~Intersection of Twilight time goes by~)
  6. Nekketsu Sensei (熱血先生; Passionate Teacher)
  7. I have a dream
  8. ~"Shinkou wa Michiko" no Jikan 2~ (~「進行はミチコ」の時間②~; ~"Progress is Michiko"'s Time 2~)
  9. Banzai! ~Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful!~ (バンザイ! ~人生はめっちゃワンダッホーッ!~; Hurray! ~Life is Really Wonderful!~)
  10. Kaze no Bara ~Aruite Chizu wo Tsukutta Otoko no Uta~ (風の薔薇~歩いて地図を作った男のウタ~; Wind Rose ~The Song of the Man Who Made a Map While Walking~)
  11. Anata ga Iru Kara (あなたがいるから; Because You Are Here)
  12. ~"Shinkou wa Michiko" no Jikan 3~ (~「進行はミチコ」の時間③~; ~"Progress is Michiko"'s Time 3~)
  13. My Days for You
  14. Tenkiyohou ga Atattara (天気予報があたったら; If The Weather Forecast Hits)
  15. ~"Shinkou wa..."~ (~「進行は・・・」~; ~"Progress is..."~)

Limited Edition DVD[]

  1. Doki Doki Baby / Tasogare Kousaten jacket making
  2. More Friends Over jacket making
  3. Tenkiyohou ga Atattara (Music Video)
  4. Glory days (Music Video)
  5. Tasogare Kousaten (Music Video making)
  6. Hello! Channel making

Album Information[]

Mano Erina promoting album

  1. Junjou Keisatsu K・I・S・S
    • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: manzo
  2. Glory days
  3. Seishun no Serenade
  4. Eien ~Tasogare Kousaten time goes by~
    • Lyrics: Miura Yoshiko
    • Composition: Honjo Ryo
    • Arrangement: Honjo Ryo, Harada Katsuyuki
  5. Nekketsu Sensei
  6. I have a dream
  7. Banzai! ~Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful!~
    • Lyrics and Composition: Honjo Ryo
    • Arrangement: Honjo Ryo, Harada Katsuyuki
  8. Kaze no Bara ~Aruite Chizu wo Tsukutta Otoko no Uta~
  9. Anata ga Iru Kara
    • Lyrics: Makiho Emi
    • Composition: Hatake
    • Arrangement: Hatake, HEYSKE
  10. My Days for You
  11. Tenkiyohou ga Atattara
    • Lyrics and Composition: Kosaki Kaito
    • Arrangement: Kosaki Kaito, Yamada Shota


Concert Performances[]

Junjou Keisatsu "K・I・S・S"
Glory days
Nekketsu Sensei
Banzai! ~Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful!~
Tenkiyohou ga Atattara

Event Performances[]

Banzai! ~Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful!~


  • "Nekketsu Sensei" is a cover from Sharam Q's 1994 album "Loss Time".
  • This is Mano Erina's only album with a title that is not written in all caps.
  • It was released on the same day as THE Possible's 2 Shiawase no Akashi.

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 17 19 25 - - - 27 3,374
- - - - - - - 190 471

Total Reported Sales: 3,845

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