Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour ~Neboushi Chattara Yurushite Nyan♡~
DVD cover
DVD by Tsugunaga Momoko
Released February 23, 2013
Genre Fanclub Bus Tour
Format DVD
Recorded October 27-28, 2012
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Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour ~Neboushi Chattara Yurushite Nyan♡~ (ももちと行くおとももちツアー〜寝坊しちゃったら許してにゃん♡〜) is a fanclub DVD by Tsugunaga Momoko. It features her 2012 solo bus tour that ran from October 27th through the 28th in Tokyo and Nagoya. The DVD was sold only through Hello! Project Fanclub and had a deadline to be ordered by December 25, 2012. It was released to Hello! Project Fanclub members on February 23, 2013.


  1. Opening
  2. Greeting & Shooting 2 shots
  3. Special Live
  4. Big Fall Athletic Meet
  5. Get Together with Otomomochi
  6. Handshake Event & Send-off


  • This is her first solo bus tour.
  • The DVD has her famous catch phrase, Yurushite Nyan, in it's title.
  • Tsugunaga also performed Maji de Koisuru 5byou Mae and Sekaijuu no dare yori kitto in her special live during the tour, but the songs didn't make it into the DVD.

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