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THE Possible / Ciao Bella CinquettiEdit

Member Current Color Former Color
Morozuka Kanami Blue
Hashimoto Aina Red Orange (2009-2015)
Okada Robin Shoko Pink
Goto Yuki Yellow
Former Members
Ose Kaede Turquoise
Akiyama Yurika Purple

Up Up Girls (Kari)Edit

Member Color
Furukawa Konatsu Pink
Mori Saki Green
Saho Akari Yellow
Sekine Azusa Orange
Arai Manami Blue
Former Members
Sengoku Minami Red
Sato Ayano Purple

Other Notable MentionsEdit

A few Hello! Project members have participated in other idol groups outside of Hello! Project and UP-FRONT GROUP and have used a member color in the past.

Group Member Color
CoCoRo Gakuen Morito Chisaki Orange
Girls Beat!! Kago Ai Blue
PEACEFUL Inaba Manaka Yellow
Princess♪Ribbon Onoda Saori Yellow
Ru:Run Tanaka Karen Purple
Sakura Girls Nagasawa Wakana Red
SCK GIRLS Sasaki Rikako Pink
SMILE 4 the future Kizawa Runa Pink
Teen's☆Heaven Maeda Irori Green
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