Mars Red is a CD release by Super Sound Theatre from the stage play of the same name, featuring former Taiyou to Ciscomoon member Kominato Miwa on vocals. The release included a performance brochure, a 48 page booklet (with Cast Member Profiles, Q & A, Director Fujisawa Fumio × Music Director Tsuchiya Yusaku Discourse, Scene & Used Music List, Play Song Lyrics, etc.), a CD, and illustration cards (5 sheets).


  1. Hitei Enbu (飛帝円舞; Flying Emperor Waltz)
  2. Zangetsu (残月; Moon Visible in the Morning) (Instrumental)
  3. Taisho Sakuran (大正錯乱; Taishou Era Confusion)
  4. Akai Yagi no Uta (赤いヤギの歌; The Song of the Red Goat)

Album InformationEdit

Hitei Enbu

  • Lyrics By – Bun-oh Fujisawa
  • Music By – Yusaku Tsuchiya

Zangetsu (Instrumental)

  • Music By – Yusaku Tsuchiya

Taisho Sakuran

  • Lyrics By – Bun-oh Fujisawa
  • Music By – Yusaku Tsuchiya

Akai Yagi no Uta

  • Lyrics By – Bun-oh Fujisawa
  • Music By – Yusaku Tsuchiya


  • Bass – RIU
  • Drums – YUJI
  • Guitar – Takayuki Manabe
  • Tsugaru-Shamise] – Kazuhiro Fukui
  • Violin – Yusaku Tsuchiya
  • Voice – Kominato Miwa

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