Mahora no Tsuki
Mahora no Tsuki
Mini Album by Priest
Native title まほらの月
Released July 8, 2006
Genre Pop, Minyo, Folk, Enka, Instrumental
Format CD
Recorded 2006
Label RtG Records
Singles from Mahora no Tsuki
1. Sotoyama-bushi

Mahora no Tsuki (まほらの月; The Moon Viewed From a Beautiful Place) is the folk duo Priest's debut album. It was released on July 8, 2006, three years after their first single Sotoyama-bushi.


  1. Satoyouta (里夜唄; Night in Our Native Land)
  2. Gajumaru no Ki (ガジュマルの樹; The Banyan Tree)
  3. Mahora no Tsuki
  4. Kagerou ~Kagiroi~ (陽炎~かぎろい~; Heat Haze)
  5. HEIYO (Hey Yo)
  6. Sotoyama-bushi (外山節)
  7. Satoyouta -inst. ver-
  8. Sotoyama-bushi -inst. ver-

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Lyrics & Music: Kominato Miwa | Arrangement: Ozeki Yasushi

Gajumaru no Ki

Lyrics & Music: Kusano Takimi | Arrangement: Ozeki Yasushi

Mahora no Tsuki

Lyrics: Kominato Miwa | Music: Kominato Miwa & Kusano Takimi | Arrangement: Ozeki Yasushi

Kagerou ~Kagiroi~

Lyrics & Music: Kusano Takimi | Arrangement: Ozeki Yasushii


Lyrics & Music: Kusano Takimi | Arrangement: Ozeki Yasushi


Arrangement: Sakakibara Mitsuhiro

Satoyouta -inst. ver-

Arrangement: Ozeki Yasushi

Sotoyama-bushi -inst. ver-

Arrangement: Sakakibara Mitsuhiro


  • Mahora is a classical term no longer used. In kanji it is written as 真秀ら, meaning wonderful place or great region.
  • Kagiroi (陽炎 or かぎろい) is classical Japanese pronounciation. The modern version is kagerou (かげろう).
  • Bushi is a type of folk song, and Sotoyama-bushi is a popular folk song originated in Iwate Prefecture around the 1800s. Farmers used to sing this song during mowing.

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