Maeda Yuki Zenkyoku Shuu ~Gwaenchanha~
Album by Maeda Yuki
Native title 前田有紀 全曲集 〜ケンチャナ〜
Released September 9, 2009
Genre Enka
Format CD, cassette, digital download
Recorded 2000–2009
Length 56:44
Label Rice Music Rice Music
Maeda Yuki Albums Chronology
Next Busan Hatsu ~Kankoku Series Best~ 2nd album (2011)
Singles from Maeda Yuki Zenkyoku Shuu ~Gwaenchanha~
1. Naki Usagi
2. Tokyo You Turn
3. Tokyo, Yoimachigusa.
4. Tokyo Kirigirisu
5. Sarasara no Kawa
6. Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito
7. Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure
8. Ai Ai Daiko
9. Gwaenchanha ~Daijoubu~
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MaedaYuki ZenkyokuShuuKenchana-ct
Maeda Yuki Zenkyoku Shuu ~Gwaenchanha~ (前田有紀 全曲集 〜ケンチャナ〜; Maeda Yuki All Songs Collection ~Gwaenchanha~) is Maeda Yuki's first album, released on September 9, 2009.

Released 9 years after her debut single, it’s a compilation album consisting of all her songs throughout her 9 year long career, with the exception of the B-sides from her first three singles. It also has a previously unreleased track Kenchana -Daijoubu- (Sebi: Kankoku Ver.), which was first reported to be on her 9th single. Total sales for this album is unknown, as it didn’t chart on the Oricon charts. (Outside top #200).


  1. Gwaenchanha ~Daijoubu~
  2. Seoul no Ame
  3. Naki Usagi
  4. Tokyo You Turn
  5. Tokyo, Yoimachigusa.
  6. Tokyo Kirigirisu
  7. Kaeri Sobireta Furusato wa
  8. Sarasara no Kawa
  9. Sore wa Fushigi
  10. Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito
  11. Tsuki Ressha
  12. Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure
  13. Kaze Kaikyou
  14. Ai Ai Daiko
  15. Zanza Koishigure
  16. Gwaenchanha ~Daijoubu~ Sebi: Kankoku Version (ケンチャナ ~大丈夫~ (サビ:韓国語バージョン); It's Alright ~It's Alright~ (Chorus: Korean Version))

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Gwaenchanha ~Daijoubu~ Sebi: Kankoku Version

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