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Solo Photobook by Fukumura Mizuki
Released May 15, 2013
Photographer Nakayama Masafumi
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MIZUKI is the first solo photobook released by Fukumura Mizuki. It was released on May 15, 2013 published by Up-Front Books but released by Wani Books, it comes with a Making-of DVD.

The photobook ranked at #3 on Oricon's photobook chart in it's first week, and sold a total of 1,215 copies. 


Photobook TitleEdit

The photobook title is taken from her given name, "Mizuki".

Photobook DescriptionEdit

"The fans' long-awaited 1st solo photobook of Morning Musume 9th generation member Fukumura Mizuki, nicknamed "Fuku-chan," has been been slated for release. The setting for the photoshoots was the south island, Guam. With Pop and Active as the themes, and as is appropriate for her first solo photobook, we packaged in the lively form of the teenage "Fuku-chan." She challenged things like basketball, which she has played since childhood, and cycling!! Then, in the ocean, she also challenged bodyboarding. Also, she transforms (!?) into a waitress, so the contents are very full. We also compiled plenty of her first solo swimsuit shots. Of course she has the gentle cuteness of a normal girl, but you will also be able to see a sexy side you wouldn't think belongs to a teenager. "Fuku-chan's" charm is packed in this jewel of a book, so don't miss it!! (Making-of DVD included)"

Photobook PreviewEdit

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Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Photobook Ranking

Week RankSales
3 948
10  267

Total Reported Sales: 1,215


  • She was 16 years old when this photobook was shot and released.
  • She said that she was nervous because it was her first solo photobook shooting.
  • The photobook took three days to shoot.
  • There were swimsuit previews in UTB+ vol 14, on sale May 23, 2013.
  • The solo DVD, MIZUKI in Guam documents her trip to Guam, where the making of MIZUKI took place.
  • There was a Fukuya-Books photobook-release event on June 1, 2013. It is estimated that about 1,100 tickets were sold at the event.
  • She says her favorite swimsuit she wore in the photobook was the Emerald Green bikini.
  • The red-waitress outfit was inspired by something Kamei Eri once wore.
  • The photobook ranked #10 in TBS's Rank Oukoku Top 10 Idol photobooks sales from 5/1 to 7/31.
  • Following the photobook release, she appeared on a radio show where she was asked by the host what her cup-size was. She was embarrassed by the question and replied that she doesn't know.

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