M-line club Live Event at STB139 ~Hinamatsuri ni Kansha wo Komete~
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DVD cover
DVD by M-line club
Released July 2014
Genre Fanclub Event
Format DVD
Recorded March 1-2, 2014

M-line club Live Event at STB139 ~Hinamatsuri ni Kansha wo Komete~ (M-line clubライブイベント2014年3月at STB139~ひな祭りに感謝を込めて~; M-line club Live Event at STB139 ~With Gratitude for the Hinamatsuri Festival~) is a DVD by M-line club.


Disc 1 - March 01

  1. Opening Song Medley
  2. MC
  3. 880 Yen by LoVendoЯ
  4. Ai no Sono ~ Touch my Heart ~ by LoVendoЯ, Ogawa Makoto, Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume Otome Gumi cover)
  5. MC
  6. KoiING by Ogawa Makoto (Morning Musume cover)
  7. Aisha Loan De by Ogawa Makoto, Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume cover)
  8. MC
  9. Do it! Now by Takahashi Ai, Yasuda Kei (Morning Musume cover)
  10. MC
  11. Omoide (Yasuda Kei) (Morning Musume cover)
  12. Yume no Naka by Yasuda Kei, Iida Kaori (Morning Musume cover)
  13. MC
  14. Papillion by Iida Kaori
  15. MC
  16. Furusato by Iida Kaori, Nakazawa Yuko, Yasuda Kei (Morning Musume cover)
  17. MC
  18. I WISH (Morning Musume cover)
  19. ENDING

Disc 2 - March 02

  1. Opening Song Medley
  2. MC
  3. Mikan by Nakazawa Yuko, LoVendor (Morning Musume cover)
  4. MC
  5. BINGO by LoVendor
  6. Inshouha Renoir no You ni by Okada Marina, Takahashi Ai & Tanaka Reina (Elegies cover)
  7. MC
  8. Mr.Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ by Yoshizawa Hitomi, Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume cover)
  9. MC
  10. KoiING by Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi (Morning Musume cover)
  11. Dekkai Uchuu Ni Ai ga Aru by Yoshizawa Hitomi (Morning Musume cover)
  12. Rikaishite > Onna no Ko by Ishikawa Rika
  13. Tanpopo by Iida Kaori, Ishikawa Rika (Tanpopo cover)
  14. MC
  15. Kuyashi Namida Porori by Nakazawa Yuko
  16. MC
  17. I WISH (Morning Musume cover)
  18. Ending

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  • Hinamatsuri, also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in Japan. Celebrated on March 3 of each year, platforms covered with a red carpet-material are used to display a set of ornamental dolls (hina-ningyou) representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period.
  • Yume no Naka was considered Iida Kaori's signature song while she was in Morning Musume.

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