Meili Xinqing (美丽心情; Beautiful Mood) is the first solo album by RuRu. It was released in February 2001.

After Taiyou to Ciscomoon disbanded, RuRu went back to China and started her solo career releasing her debut album, Meili Xinqing, sung in Taiwanese. One of the tracks, "Ai Shiteru (Ai Shangle)", has partial lyrics in Japanese and is RuRu’s only song to do so.


  1. Ai Shiteru (Ai Shangle) (愛してる (愛上了); I Love You (Fell in Love))
  2. Jimo de Youxi (寂寞的遊戲; Lonely Game)
  3. Meili Xinqing (美麗心情; Beautiful Mood)
  4. Jintian Di Zhufu, Mintian Digudu (今天的祝福,明天的孤獨; Today's Wishes, Tomorrow's Loneliness)
  5. Wuye Caihong (午夜彩虹; Midnight Rainbow)
  6. Yidian Dian Liliang (一點點力量; A Little Power)
  7. Yu (雨; Rain)
  8. Zhen Hao! Wo Xuyao Ai (真好!我需要愛; Wonderful! I Need Love)
  9. Game Over
  10. Shui Pa Shui (誰怕誰; Afraid)
  11. Meili Xinqing (Jita Ban) (美麗心情 (吉他版)); Beautiful Mood (Guitar Ver))


  • The first press of the album had a cardboard cover.


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