Love-Hello! Kamei Eri DVD
DVD by Kamei Eri
Native title ラブハロ!亀井絵里DVD
Released March 28, 2007
Format DVD
Recorded 2007
Label zetima zetima
Kamei Eri Solo DVD Chronology
Next 20 DREAMS (2009)

Love Hello! Kamei Eri DVD (ラブハロ!亀井絵里DVD) is Kamei Eri is Kamei Eri's first solo DVD. It was released on March 28, 2007. The DVD reached #5 on the Oricon charts and charted for 3 weeks.


  1. Opening (オープニング)
  2. Asa no Sanpo (朝の散歩; Morning Walk)
  3. Tabenagara Interview 1 (食べながらインタビュー①; Interview While Eating 1)
  4. Shashinshuu Making Beach (写真集メイキング Beach; Photobook Making Beach)
  5. Tabenagara Interview 2 (食べながらインタビュー②)
  6. Shashinshuu Making Kame VS Zou (写真集メイキング 亀VS象)
  7. Shashinshuu Making Kame Dake ni Kame (写真集メイキング 亀だけに亀)
  8. Tabenagara Interview 3 (食べながらインタビュー③)
  9. Kazoku Ryokou Keikaku (家族旅行計画; Family Travel Plans)
  10. Odosan 1 (お土産①; Souvenir 1)
  11. Sashinshuu Making Pool (写真集メイキング Pool)
  12. Odosan 2 (お土産②)
  13. Kazoku Ryokou Keikaku no Tsuzuki (家族旅行計画の続き; Family Travel Plans Continued)
  14. Foot Massage (フットマッサージ)
  15. Ending ~Kore Kara no Watashi~ (エンディング〜これからのわたし〜)
  16. Omake (おまけ; Bonus)

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