Love&Peace=Paradise (Love&Peace=パラダイス) is the fifth single released by Mano Erina. It was released on November 25, 2009 in 3 Limited Editions, and Regular Edition. It is used as the ending theme song for TV Tokyo's Kitty's Paradise peace, which Mano appears as a regular, and as the theme song for the play Koisuru Hello Kitty, starring Mano herself.

It was her last single to include the original S/mileage members as back-up dancers in the PV.


真野恵里菜 「Love&Peace=パラダイス」(MV)

真野恵里菜 「Love&Peace=パラダイス」(MV)

Love&Peace=Paradise (MV)


  1. Love&Peace=Paradise
  2. Love&Peace=Paradise feat. Hello Kitty (Love&Peace=パラダイス feat.ハローキティ)
  3. 18sai no Kisetsu (18才の季節; Eighteens' Season)
  4. Love&Peace=Paradise (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVDEdit

  1. Love&Peace=Paradise (Dance Shot Ver.)

Limited Edition B DVDEdit

  1. Love&Peace=Paradise (Buranko Ver.)

Single VEdit

  1. Love&Peace=Paradise (PV)
  2. Love&Peace=Paradise (Close-up Ver.)
  3. Making Eizou (メイキング映像)

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  1. Love&Peace=Paradise
  2. 18sai no Kisetsu

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Mano Erina promoting the single


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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 10 12 13 14 21 3 12 14,503
- - - - - - - 100 765

Total Reported Sales: 15,278

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 16 - - - - - 27 1,344

Total Reported Sales: 1,344

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