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Main article: Satoyoshi Utano

Satoyoshi Utano Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is an forum page for the purpose of listing Satoyoshi Utano's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.


(5/12) Who's a member that looks good or you think would look good in eyeglasses?
Maeda Kokoro-chan!
Megane no Otokonoko is so cool ♡

List of Q&AEdit

(12/9) What's a job you'd like to try in the future?
I want to do stage work like plays or where I can use my voice.
Also, since I love animals, I hope I can do work related to animals.
(12/16) What's something you'd like to praise yourself for?
Not giving up on joining Hello! Pro!!!
(12/23) How do you spend your time in the dressing room?
Since I still get nervous I don't know how I should spend the time, but the bentos we get at the venues are incredibly delicious, so I always eat my fill!!

(1/6) At what kinds of times do you "feel" or have you "felt" youth?
When eating bento and talking with my friends during lunch break at school!
(1/13) What's your favorite onigiri ingredient?
Pickled dried plum and mentaiko.
(1/20) Please give us an analysis of characteristics or tendencies of your fans.
I don't know yet...
Since I'll be working hard with all my heart from now on, please support me!!
(2/3) Are you the type to protect or be protected in a haunted house?
Since I'm bad with them, the type to be protected... I guess?
(2/10) Who's a member you want to talk with or get to know better?
Of course the BEYOOOOONDS members, but I want to get to know various members through Hello! concerts!!
(2/24) Did you have any embarrassing failures when you were little?
When I was in elementary school, calling my homeroom teacher "Mother!" right in front of everyone in the class too......
(3/3) You're producing event goods! What would you make?
Hooded towels, and glasses that would glow in corresponding member colors!!
(Everyone could become 'Megane no Otokonoko' (Onnanoko)!!!!)
(3/10) What makes you glad you were able to be a member of Hello! Project?
Everyday right now is so much fun!!
I feel that being able to meet lots of people at concerts, and learn so much from the advice of my senpai, are such happy things!
(3/17) What scents do you like?
The scent of shampoo, and the fluffy scent of Omochi-kun (my pet dog) when he's wrapped around my neck!
(3/24) If from now on you could only eat one food, what would you choose?
Chicken meat.
I feel like I wouldn't get tired of it when I can make lots of different things with various cuts・・・・・・!
(3/31) What's something that makes you think "I can only do this now! I want to establish this now!"?
Hang out with my friends in seifuku!
Since I graduated high school, I can only do it now...
(5/5) What's something you're particular about when writing things for fans?
I'm particular about the color mix!
Also, I often draw my pet dog Omochi-kun ♡
(5/12) Who's a member that looks good or you think would look good in eyeglasses?
Maeda Kokoro-chan!
Megane no Otokonoko is so cool ♡


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