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Pocket Morning Juice=Juice Weekly Q&A is a page listing Juice=Juice's answers from Pocket Morning Juice=Juice Weekly Q&A.


At what times do you think "I'm shining"?
Kanazawa: Since I love lives... it has to be when I'm doing a live!!!
Takagi: When I do a live.
Miyamoto: When I'm delusional.
Uemura: When doing lives! I thought that when watching DVDs!
Inaba: When eating something delicious, and when talking with a person (member) I like! I expect that anyone shines during moments when they feel happiness!
Inoue: When enjoying lives.
Dambara: When eating something delicious.
Kudo: When working up a sweat while performing.
Matsunaga: Since I haven't thought about it much, I'll work hard to be able to be someone who shines in a lot of different places.


What's something that makes you think "I can only do this now! I want to establish this now!"?
Miyazaki: Idol.
Kanazawa: Spending fun times with everyone in Juice=Juice!
Takagi: Showing off at lives, being angry and pouty.
Miyamoto: Skincare. I hear it's better the more properly you do it...
Uemura: Challenge lots of different things.
Dambara: Wear short skirts. (lol)
Inaba: Twintails. Since I think I couldn't expect to do it when I become more adult, for now I want to establish more idolish hairstyles.

You're trying bungee jumping! How many seconds will it take for you to jump?
Kanazawa: Though it also depends on the height... I'd want 1~2 minutes of time to make my decision!
Takagi: Since I have a fear of heights, it'd probably take about 2 hours...
Miyamoto: 0 seconds.
Uemura: 23 seconds.
Dambara: I feel like I wouldn't be able to jump. Since I'd be scared...
Inaba: About 5 minutes... The 5 minutes would probably feel like just a moment.
Kudo: 0 seconds from the "All right, ready!"!!
Matsunaga: 0 seconds.


Please tell us what comes to mind when you think of summer.
Miyazaki: "Shaved ice!! I look forward to using the shaved ice maker Sayuki gave me for a birthday present."
Kanazawa: "Cucumber. Juice=Juice has an image of often eating cucumber on a stick. Though I certainly like it too, it's a food that everyone likes."
Takagi: "Shaved ice"
Miyamoto: "Grapefruit-flavored ice ice cream"
Uemura: "Festivals"
Yanagawa: "Watermelon splitting!"
Dambara: "Summer festivals! Fireworks shows! I used to be taken to Miyajima's fireworks show."
Inaba: "When I think of summer it has to be the beach! I want to play at the beach and have a BBQ and do fireworks at night."

What's something you make sure to bring when you're having an overnight stay?
Miyazaki: Pajamas are essential. They help me relax.
Kanazawa: Pajamas. Since after all I'm more at ease with my own pajamas, I always take them even when I'm only staying one night.
Takagi: My soft Uemuu and Karin 17th birthday T-shirt.
Miyamoto: An attitude of not being afraid of ghosts.
Uemura: I take lots of clothes.
Yanagawa:Body cream. (Though I carry it with me when I'm not staying over too...!)
Dambara: My contacts and glasses.
Inaba: Since I generally have a lot of luggage it's hard to narrow it down to one thing, but my straight iron! Since my hair gets extremely frizzy, it's a necessary item.


What title would you give to your life ?
Miyazaki: "The Peak is Now"
Kanazawa: "The Life of Kanazawa Tomoko"
Takagi: "Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari" (All People are Nothing But Evil) (note: This is a play on the Japanese proverb "Wataru Seken ni Oni wa Nai", or "All people aren't evil")
Miyamoto: "I Want You to Discover Me"
Uemura: "The Life of Uemura Akari"
Yanagawa: "Fairy Tale Land". Since I've been able to have my dreams come true just like a fairy tale, from becoming an idol to meeting and being supported by so many people. Thank you always!!!
Dambara: "A Life Strengthened By Experiencing Many Things"
What's your favorite festival stall ?
Miyazaki: Super ball scooping!!! I really loved it!!
Kanazawa: Candy-coated fruit on a stick. I like it since it's fun being able to win 2 of them by janken. Though I always lose...
Takagi: Choco bananas (though it's actually sweet potato sticks (lol))
Miyamoto: Super ball scooping. I feel like I was good at super balls.
Uemura: I'd be hitting both the castella sponge cake and strawberry candy stalls.
Yanagawa: Apple candy, cotton canndy, ice candy ❤ I like candy ones! lol. I also like the easy yakisoba ❤
Dambara: Chopstick rolls! Chopstick rolls are foods like okonomiyaki rolled on chopsticks, and when I heard recently that we only have them in Kansai, I was so surprised. Since they're delicious I definitely go for them at festivals, and I'd like you all to try them too!


Have you had any kind of great failure recently?
Miyazaki: I was going to take my facial lotion and moisturizer from the washbasin to use in the room with the air conditioner on, and so I took them into that room, but when I went to use the moisturizer after applying the lotion, I realized I'd messed up and brought toothpaste instead (ToT)/~~~
Kanazawa: Leader and I went to the wrong studio, and so we ended up an hour late...
Takagi: I fell asleep kneeling in the seiza posture, and when I woke up I couldn't move.
Miyamoto: When manager-san got angry with me for making too many typos on my blog.
Uemura: Arriving late and missing our meeting time.
What's the funniest thing which made you laugh recently?
Miyazaki: When Uemura Akari-chan wore the insoles for her shoes on the wrong sides with right and left mixed up, just like it was the most normal thing in the world (lol)
Kanazawa: Uemuu (Uemura Akari-chan) wearing five-toed socks without putting her toes in the toe pockets.
Takagi: When I told my mother, "Sayuki has sensitive skin, huh," she boasted to me, "Mama has strong skin!" What does having "strong skin" mean...? (lol)
Miyamoto: When there was some puchi-una (Kowa) in Uemuu's lesson shoes, and she was telling me with a surprised look, "Karin-chan, there's puchi-una in my shoes~!"
Uemura: When puchi-una suddenly came out of my lesson shoes.
Is there something unique you can be proud of?
Miyazaki: Voice types. I can imitate a baseball announcer and the warning voice for escalators.
Kanazawa: Rolling my shoulders!!
Takagi: My doctor telling me my heart is a "sports heart".
Miyamoto: My white skin
Uemura: I'm good at shaking my arm with a pedometer on it. I'm also good at bothering other people when they're shaking one.
Is there something you're good at cooking?
Miyazaki: Deep-fried cheese. You wrap cheese in a gyoza (dumpling) shell and fry it, but it's a bit tough to tell for how long to let it fry!
Kanazawa: Hayashi rice
Takagi: Thickly sliced fried egg with cheese inside
Miyamoto: Sponge cake (my ambition)
Uemura: Miso soup.
Please share with us a person you respect.
Miyazaki: My mother.
Kanazawa: ℃-ute's Suzuki Airi-san (*´ω`*) It's because it's fantastic how many different expressions she can show in just one song.
Takagi: Tanaka Reina-san, Kobuchi Kentaro-san
Miyamoto: Niigaki Risa-san
Uemura: Sayashi Riho-san.

What's your favorite phrase?
Miyazaki: Flowers bloom atop perseverance
Kanazawa: Thanks. Since I think it's important to live without forgetting your feelings of gratitude.
Takagi: Thanks for your hard work. (Otsukaresama deshita)
Miyamoto: If you do something thoroughly, it'll inevitably reflect yourself
Uemura: Once-in-a-lifetime encounter (Ichigo Ichie)
Is there anything you like to say?
Miyazaki: "Yoshi" (all right). In my mind, I use this word with a meaning of "yoisho" (sound of effort).
Kanazawa: I don't think I especially have anything. If you notice any, please tell me m(_ _)m
Takagi: "Sayuki" (my own name)
Miyamoto: Nanka (you know, um), meccha (incredibly; totally)
Uemura: "Nandenan?" (why/what)
What's an impression you can do well?
Miyazaki: A baseball announcer.
Kanazawa: An imitation of Juice=Juice member Miyamoto Karin-chan's singing!
Takagi: An imitation of Miyazaki Yuka-chan's imitation of a baseball announcer.
Miyamoto: Mario's jumping sounds.
Uemura: The cry of a crow.
For breakfast, do you prefer bread? Or rice? Or nothing at all?
Miyazaki: Rice (^^)!
Kanazawa: Bread. There are times I eat rice too.
Takagi: Bread
Miyamoto: Yogurt
Uemura: Bread

Is your eyesight good?
Miyazaki: Since it's ve-ry bad, I always wear contacts.
Kanazawa: Since it's incredibly bad, I put on contacts.
Takagi: It's bad
Miyamoto: With weak myopia, I use a -0.5 contact on my right eye and a -0.75 one on my left.
Uemura: It's good.
If you could use magic just once, what kind of spell would you want to do? Please also give your reason.
Miyazaki: I'd want to become able to teleport. Since if I could teleport I could quickly get to a shop if I suddenly wanted to eat ice cream, and I'd be able to see my family whenever I wanted ☆
Kanazawa: I'd make myself a witch (lol). Since if I could only use it once I wouldn't be able to decide...
Takagi: I'd cast something to make me able to use more magic。→since this is the best possible benefit ♪
Miyamoto: I'd cast a spell to make me able to teleport. As for why, since I wouldn't be late, and I would quickly be able to go back and get things I forgot, and I could travel to wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.
Uemura: I'd use a spell to enable me to do more magic. As for why, it's since just once isn't enough.
Do you think of yourself as a boke or tsukkomi?
Miyazaki: I don't think I'm either a boke or tsukkomi!
Kanazawa: Probably tsukkomi?
Takagi: Though it depends on my partner, in Juice=Juice I'm a tsukkomi right...!
Miyamoto: Boke
Uemura: Both of them.
Note: Boke and tsukkomi are the two roles in manzai comedy, basically the "funny role" (boke) and "straight role" (tsukkomi)
What's something you make sure to do every day before sleeping?
Miyazaki: Think about when to wake up tomorrow (^^♪
Kanazawa: Brush my teeth.
Takagi: Look at Tanaka Reina-san's photobook
Miyamoto: Charge my cell phone and walkman
Uemura: Cover up with my futon.

What's something you just couldn't live without?
Miyazaki: Family!
Kanazawa: Karikari Ume!!!!! I loooove it.
Takagi: Convenience stores
Miyamoto: Water and air
Uemura: My cell phone.
You have a time machine. Would you go to the future? The past? And what would you do there?
Miyazaki: I'd go to the past to when Ino Tadataka observed the transit of Venus across the meridian, since I want to see it for just a bit too!
Note: Ino Tadataka is the first recorded Japanese astronomer to view Venus's transit across the meridian
Kanazawa: I'd go to the future! I want to try and see the advancement of science.
Takagi: I'd go to the past and watch over myself to fix my mistakes.
Miyamoto: I definitely want to go to the past and learn piano to obtain a sense of pitch.
Uemura: I would go to the past. I'd return to around my 3rd year of elementary school and study harder.
Is there an outfit from another group's song you'd like to try wearing?
Miyazaki: The outfit from S/mileage-san's "Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita". The shape of the skirt is cute, and the color scheme is blue, so I like the simple cuteness of it.
Kanazawa: I'd like to try wearing the outfit from ℃-ute-san's "Kono machi"!! I like it since it's my image color "red", and the texture and shape are cute too. Juice=Juice doesn't have many outfits which give a feeling of "Costumes!!!" and we haven't all worn the same clothes either, so I'd definitely like to try wearing it.
Takagi: The outfit from Morning Musume-san's Pyoko Pyoko Ultra.
Miyamoto: An outfit from S/mileage-san's Short Cut. They're frilly and so incredibly cute!
Uemura: "Seishun Collection"'s outfit.
At what time would you think "I've become an adult"?
Miyazaki: When looking at my graduation album, I think I've really grown.
Kanazawa: When I'm choosing clothes. Since my preferences in color and appearance have changed, though in the past I had lots of bright pink and white and frilly clothes, what I have more of now are more simple monotone clothes that have a calming feel.
Takagi: Even if people are whispering to each other right in front of me, I'm not worried about it.
Miyamoto: When elementary school members entered the Hello Pro Kenshuusei and I really felt that I'm a senpai now.
Uemura: I think it when I'm able to understand math.
You're able to see a fortune teller who's rumored to have accurate predictions. Well, what would you consult the fortune teller about?
Miyazaki: I'd want to see if I'll continue being healthy. I'll be more careful if I'm told I'll get injured.
Kanazawa: My business fortune. As Juice=Juice~... works toward our future, I want to find out how we should proceed. But. Without relying only on the result of the prediction, I'll take it like just another option up until the end.
Takagi: How long I'll have this face. Will it surely change sometime?
Miyamoto: What I should do in order to better communicate my performance. If there's some kind of charm to make my room not get dirty.
Uemura: I'd ask, "Do I have a star?"


What's something you buy at the convenience store without a thought?
Miyazaki: Stalk lettuce. Since it's not sold very often, I make sure to buy 2 bags full if I find it ☆
Kanazawa: Karikari Ume!!!!!☆ I always go out to buy it first. I love karikari ume so much that I couldn't live without it. I eat it every day. I recommend the seedless karikari ume. It's the best since it's easy to eat.
Takagi: 210円 macarons
Miyamoto: Water! I store up lots of bottles in my bag...
Uemura: Chocolate.
What's something you want to do once in your life?
Miyazaki: Sky diving!!! Though it's a bit scary, I'd de――finitely like to try it.
Kanazawa: Surfing!!! Since I think beach sports are so cool, I'd like to try it just once. But I think I probably wouldn't be any good at it...
Takagi: Stay at a Disney hotel
Miyamoto: Bungee jump ・ Sky diving. Though they seem scary, I feel like it'll be a loss if I don't experience them.
Uemura: Buy a large amount of clothes.
What's something you make sure to do before a concert?
Miyazaki: Shout
Kanazawa: Do a cheer with all of Juice=Juice. "Yuka! Tomoko! Sayuki! Karin! Akari! We are ~ ・・・Juice=Juice!!!!!" This is our customary cheer.
Takagi: Plug my phone into its charger.
Miyamoto: Sniff a pleasant scent, or put something on. I especially like the smell of roses ☆
Uemura: Drink water.
It's been decided that you'll appear as a character in a video game! What's your special move? (Please tell us the phrase to say when it's used, as well as what kind of technique it is.)
Miyazaki: Special move: South Pole Class; Incantation: Nankyokukyonna (Note: this is a palindrome of "nankyoku", which means South Pole, and its reverse reading); Type of technique: They'll be eternally lectured by me (Miyazaki Yuka) about the South Pole
Kanazawa: "KanaTomo Sexy Voice ♪" Since I love to sing, I wrote this thinking that an attack which like charms my opponent with my singing voice would be good. (It's a bit embarrassing.) In the real world too, I want to sing so that people will be able to listen to me with a feeling of, "Ah, this is such a great voice".
Takagi: Behoimi (Note: this is a healing spell from the DragonQuest RPG series) → It heals when used. If I constantly use Behoimi, the battle won't end and it'll annoy my opponent.
Miyamoto: Karinrin 6-beam Cocktail Deathblow! I fly at them with a light-speed punch, kick, elbow, roundhouse kick, head-butt, and slap!
Uemura: "Catch Lock On" would be the incantation. It's a technique of clinging tightly to make them unable to move.

If you were a flower, what flower do you think you'd be? Please tell us the reason too.
Miyazaki: A tulip ヾ(・∀・)ノ Since my mom would draw one behind my name when I was little.
Kanazawa: A sunflower. Though it's a standard feeling, I've loved sunflowers for a long time and so I think this is the only one I could be! Seeing them grow up straight as they turn toward the sun is so beautiful, and I want to be like that too, so that's a reason. And so, rather than "if I were", it's more like something I aim to be.
Takagi: Sunflower →since they're yellow.
Miyamoto: A marguerite. I think we're similar in our smallness and whiteness.
Uemura: Chocolate Cosmos. Since I love chocolate.
Without being shy, please tell us something appealing about yourself that you've recently noticed.
Miyazaki: Though "Ra Ri Ru Re Ro"'s "Ra" is normally formed by the mouth as "a", I say it with my mouth like "i".
Kanazawa: Recently I've come to like the roundness of the tear bags under my eyes the most about my body. In the past I never really knew the word "tear bags" either.
Takagi: That my face shows how much I'm enjoying the food I'm eating!!
Miyamoto: My light complexion. You can say fair skin hides any number of imperfections, right ☆
Uemura: I have a good clothing sense.
When you look at the mirror in the morning, you suddenly go, "Eh~???" What happened?
Miyazaki: My eyelashes grew 2cm. Since my eyelashes are short, I'd become "Happy ♪♪♪".
Kanazawa: I've been made over into a ve---ry cute young girl!! ...That's my dream.
Takagi: Country Ma'am has bloomed from my forehead.
Miyamoto: My lips have become sexy like Nakajima Saki-san's.
Uemura: My hair was all messed up!
"I want to be known as the No.1 ○○!" What's the thing you all want to be No.1 at?
Miyazaki: The No.1 person you want to go to the south pole with!!!
Kanazawa: The No.1 person you'd want as your big sister! Since I actually have 3 younger sisters, I want people to think, "Ah~ I want a big sister like this".
Takagi: The No.1 person you'd want as your little sister!
Miyamoto: The No.1 person you want to go to an amusement park with!
Uemura: I want to be the No.1 smartest person...

Please tell us about an episode where you thought, "So I guess I'm self-indulgent?"
Miyazaki: When I wanted to eat some shortcake with just a little whipped cream since I don't like whipped cream very much.
Kanazawa: When even though I'm already a high school student, I asked mom, "I really want you to come pick me up". I called her since I was lonely. Moreover, she came! It made me happy・・・☆ Mother, tha--nks! !
Takagi: When I said I wanted to eat hamburger steak and rice and mentaiko
Miyamoto: That the members quickly fawn over me and I end up talking about nothing but myself. It was like that the other day when I went on a date with Leader Miyazaki Yuka-chan.
Uemura: I thought it was self-indulgent when I just said "All right then!" since Miyazaki Yuka-chan wouldn't call me "Akari" even though I told her to since I call her "Yuka".
If someone told you that you're cute, how would you respond?
Miyazaki: Well I'm told by the members that I say words they don't really understand.
Kanazawa: I'd say, "No no no~". Since I'd wonder if people who honestly accept that really are cute, from now on I'll go with, "Thank you."!!
Takagi: That's not true
Miyamoto: Thank you ♪
Uemura: "No no, thank you," I'd reply.
Please give yourself a catchphrase
Miyazaki: I'm Miyazaki Yuka, Hello! Project's first member from Ishikawa Prefecture
Kanazawa: I'm Kanazawa Tomoko, in charge of being adult in Juice=Juice! Though age-wise Miyazaki Yuka-chan is more of an adult than me, since I'm told that I'm the most reliable, I decided to try being the adult.
Takagi: Hello! Good day! Byeby~e! I'm Takagi Sayuki!
Miyamoto: I'm Karin who with all my ability loves to talk and stands up again even if I slip up!
Uemura: I'm Uemura Akari who, though I'm from Osaka, doesn't speak in Kansai dialect.
The Tokyo Olympics have been decided!! What's an event where you think you could win a gold medal? (It's also okay to choose one that doesn't actually exist.)
Miyazaki: Being able to guess between different pink colors!!! Like, "This is salmon pink. This is cool pink, right," etc.
Kanazawa: High-speed shoulder rolling. Since my shoulder joints are soft and I can roll them, if there was a contest or something to do it at high-speed I feel like I could do well!!
Takagi: Eating → speed-eating, how much you can eat, whichever!!
Miyamoto: Shooting pen tips at a desk!!!!
Uemura: An eating contest.
Is there something you did recently which was a "first experience" for you?
Miyazaki: I went to rent a DVD by myself ★
Kanazawa: Clothing decoration. I did my best using a tool called a glue gun.
Takagi: A talk-only event
Miyamoto: Tin can cultivation, spray art
Uemura: Bought matching backpacks with Miyazaki Yuka and Kanazawa Tomoko.

What do you think your role is within Juice=Juice?
Miyazaki: The supportive leader. Since we're entering our 2nd year, I want to be more leader-like (;_;)
Kanazawa: Director in the shadows.
Takagi: I'll work hard on singing and dancing.
Miyamoto: Vocalization (in charge of bringing the machine to practice vocalization)
Uemura: "#2 Airhead"
Can you describe yourself in one word!?
Miyazaki: Clump of ice
Kanazawa: My-pace.
Takagi: Proper.
Miyamoto: Weird. I'm so weird I don't even understand myself. Of course in a good way ☆
Uemura: Messy
What's a song you make sure to sing if you go to karaoke?
Miyazaki: Though I haven't been too much, Tensai TV-kun songs.
Kanazawa: ℃-ute-san's Bishoujo Shinrigaku! (sic)
Takagi: Kobukuro-san's Kazamidori
Miyamoto: Hare Ame nochi Suki, Karina Notte
Uemura: Since I haven't been very often, there isn't a specific song I make sure to sing.
Please give us a self-appeal for something we should watch you for at concerts!
Miyazaki: Something other than my pseudo-abs, please.
Kanazawa: My expressions! I'll work hard to be mature.
Takagi: When I'm having fun singing.
Miyamoto: My energy and power! The intense low-angle!
Uemura: My eyes. Since I want to make eye contact.

Last year saw many different buzzwords become popular, but is there any word or phrase you'd want to make popular this year?
Miyazaki: Juice=Juice
Kanazawa: Juice=Juice. I'd somehow like lots of different people to know our group name.
Takagi: ~Zaurus
Miyamoto: Fighting ☆ Since I use it at handshake events.
Uemura: "Happy as can be." "Oyasu~" (goodnight)
What's the thing you most want to do now?
Miyazaki: A bus tour with everyone in the Juice=Juice family!!! It'll be a family trip, you know. ♪
Kanazawa: Bungee jump!!!!!
Takagi: A somersault
Miyamoto: Practice. I somehow never have enough time...
Uemura: Eat (candy).
What's the happiest thing you've been told recently?
Miyazaki: Do you have a T-point card?
Kanazawa: Your singing voice is beautiful ☆
Takagi: Have you lost weight?
Miyamoto: You're so cute. It honestly made me happy. Girls have to be cute!
Uemura: "You have elegance"
If you're told, "Please do a skit!" who would you choose to do it with?
Miyazaki: Miyamoto Karin-chan. Since we think similarly, and I think we'd be able to reflect well together.
Kanazawa: Uemura Akari-chan. Since she's a funny airheaded girl.
Takagi: I'd do it by myself! With enthusiasm!!!
Miyamoto: Morning Musume '14's Suzuki Kanon-san. Since she was doing solo skits at her audition!
Uemura: Miyamoto Karin-chan. It becomes a skit when we're grouped together.

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