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Ono Mizuho Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is a page for the purpose of listing Ono Mizuho's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.

List of Q&AEdit

(7/7) Please tell us what comes to mind when you think of summer.
Band competitions!
When I was in middle school I'd be frantically practicing every summer.
(7/14) Please tell us a food you recommend that you ate when visiting a location.
Hokkaido's crab!
It left an impression how Ami-chan was munching on it!
(7/21) If you happened to be in the same class, who's a member you think you'd surely become close with?
Maeda Kokoro-chan.
Kokoro accepts me wholly as I am ♡
(10/6) What's a song that has an effective dance, or a dance that feels good?
Morning Musume。-san's "Koko ni Iru zee!"
When I did it for a Kenshuusei recital, though it was incredibly intense and used a lot of my strength, I remember it was also extremely fun.
(12/1) How do you spend time in the dressing room?
Have fun talking with everyone, or when it's quite I'll play with my cell phone.

(3/30) What's something that makes you think "I can only do this now! I want to establish this now!"?
These activities!
The things I can only do now are things I can't do if I'm not an idol, so I'll experience lots of things.
(5/4) What's something you're particular about when writing things for fans?
I write easy-to-read characters.
(6/15) Please tell us if you've had any lyrics or choreography or lines that, although you memorized them, were hard to learn in time.
The dance to "Shunrenka"
When we had the dance lessons over half of the Tsubaki Factory members had the flu...
That was a rough time.

(4/23) Who's a member you rely on?
Everyone in Tsubaki Factory ♡


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