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Okamura Homare Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is a page for the purpose of listing Okamura Homare's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.

List of Q&AEdit

(7/23) What's the animal you'd want to see first at a zoo?
Lions! I love the lion bus!

(4/7) Who are members you think have been working hard lately?
Though "You're working hard, huh~" feels like I'm looking down on someone, '20's Yamazaki Mei-chan's makeup has recently been more sparkly, like she's figured it out!
(4/21) Who's a member you rely on?
Morning Musume '20's Ishida Ayumi-san.
She always teaches me precisely when I ask about things like tricks to help my dancing.
(5/5) What's something you've received as a present that made you happy?
A big meat-on-the-bone cushion I got from Santa-san.
(5/26) Who's a member you think has a great sense of rhythm?
Fukumura Mizuki-san ・ Oda Sakura-san.
They politely teach me when listening to small details of my singing, and tell me like "No, this is how you do it," just by listening, which I think is amazing.
(6/9) What's a movie genre you'd like to try appearing in?
A love story? Like a youth one!
I'd like to try playing the role of the heroine's best friend lol
(6/23) Deserted island survival. Who seems like she'd survive to the end?
Sato Masaki-san.
I feel like she'd somehow last comfortably till the end!
(6/30) Please tell us a "little happiness" that you've found around you.
Getting a memory foam pillow!
(7/7) What would you give yourself as a reward for working hard?
Meat, sashimi
My favorite foods!
(7/14) What's your favorite scent?
Vanilla scents
I like the faintly sweet feel ♡
(7/21) Please tell us about a recent discovery.
There is lye in cucumbers!
I didn't know that. I hear that if you remove the lye, you get an egg flavor? that makes it delicious.


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