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Ogata Haruna Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is a page for the purpose of listing Ogata Haruna's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.

List of Q&AEdit

(12/18) Please tell us what your motive was for auditioning for Morning Musume。 '14.
I became a high school student, so thought I would challenge something.
And since I admired Morning Musume。[1]
(12/18) Please tell us your feelings now you've joined your groups.
Though I have nothing but uneasiness with dancing and singing, I want to do the best I can since there are also lots of things I'm looking forward to.[1]
(12/18) Please tell us someone you respect.
Takahashi Daisuke-san
He's cool not just on the rink, but all the time.
He's kind to everyone, and since he can do everything, I respect him.[1]
(12/18) What's your favorite word or phrase?
Since from now on I want to live looking forward and not break down whatever happens.[1]
(12/18) Is there a food you're good at cooking?
Rice with eggs and natto.
Since Haga-chan told me the eggs and natto I made was good.[1]
(12/18) What's something you like to say?
Something I like saying recently is "Honma sore!" (Really that!)[1]
(12/18) Do you have good eyesight?
It's bad!
(12/18) Is there an impression you do well?
A kabuki actor![1]
(12/18) Is there something you can take pride in?
My character of following through with things I like until the end.[1]
(12/18) What's something you make sure to do every day before sleeping?
Stuff my cheeks with ice![1]
(12/18) Is there a massive failure you've had recently?
I overslept and woke up at 18:30,
and thinking it was the morning, ate breakfast bread.[1]
(12/18) What's the funniest thing you've laughed at recently?
When taking off my shoes with a friend along a riverbed and getting in the river, our socks flew off and floated away![1]
(12/18) Do you think you're a boke or tsukkomi ?
(12/18) Is there anything you couldn't live without?
My cell phone and ice.[1]
(12/18) Please tell us your future ambition.
I'll work hard to increase my amount of practice so I'll be able to follow along with the things like singing and dancing I can't do as well as others.[1]

(1/6) Please tell us a line from a manga, movie, drama etc. that you adore and would like to try saying yourself.
"Koitsu ga dou nattemo ii no ka!!"
(What should I do with you?)
(1/13) Please tell us a line from a manga, movie, drama etc. that you adore and would like someone to say to you.
"Set me aside, and move on!!"
(2/3) If for one day only you could join another group, which group would it be and what would you want to do?
I'd want to join ℃-ute-san and try dancing "Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko".
(2/10) Who is the coolest member in Hello Pro?
Kumai-san → Since I've not talked to her much, it's an image!!


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