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Main article: Oda Sakura

Oda Sakura Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is an forum page for the purpose of listing Oda Sakura's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.


(7/23) What's the animal you'd want to see first at a zoo?

List of Q&AEdit

(2/25) Invent a catch phrase for yourself please.
I'm able to sing any given song in a "cool" way!
(3/4) The Tokyo Olympics are about to start! What competition can you take a gold medal in? (You can choose even those that don't actually exist.)
How fast can you fall asleep?
(3/11) What do you think your role is within Morning Musume '14?
In charge of singing emotional songs ♪
(3/18) Can you describe yourself in one word!?
Unnatural person.
(3/25) When going to karaoke, what song do you always choose?
Matsuura Aya-san's "Zutto Suki de Ii Desu ka"
(4/1) Is there any "first time experience" you had recently?
I was able to do a backbend stretch for the first time!
(4/8) During a concert, look at this part of me! Please emphasize one part.
I'm looking towards the audience a lot, so if you feel my gaze, I'd like our eyes to meet (laughs)
(4/15) There were many popular catchphrases last year. Is there any catchphrase you'd like to make popular this year?
(4/22) What's the one thing you'd like to do the most right now?
I want to eat steamed buns.
(4/29) What was the nicest thing anyone has told you lately?
"Your voice is cute!"
(5/6) If you were told to do a skit with someone, who would it be?
Sato Masaki-san!!
(5/13) What's a Hello Pro song you'd like a boy to sing for you?
"Ren'ai Hunter"
(5/20) Is there something in which you're not willing to lose to anyone?
Softness of shoulder joints, and strange movements.
(5/27) Who from H!P do you think might turn into a little devil in 10 years?
Ishida Ayumi-san.
(6/3) When it comes to intelligence, what is your position within the group?
(6/10) Please tell us a method of setting your hair to overcome dryness in the winter and dampness in the rainy season.
Braided hair! Or maybe a very short cut.
(6/17) What made you decide you want to be an idol?
Since my friend fell in love with Morning Musume!
(6/24) Do you have something that you just can't quit doing?
Long baths! Including showering, I'm there for almost 2 hours!
(7/1) Please share a surprising side of a member that only you know about!
The chatter between Iikubo-san and Ishida-san sounds like a foreign TV drama series.[1]
(7/8) There's a new pet coming to your house. What pet would you choose and how would you name it?
A cat! I already raise a cat, so I couldn't take on anything else! The name is 'Nene'![2]
(7/15) This year, finally! What's the thing you want to accomplish?
"Continue!" everything.[3]
(7/22) Do you have any secret to looking cute in a photo?
Not opening your eyes too wide! Making an expression where the eye bags stand out! (←while smiling)[4]

(1/4) Who's a great person you like?
Joan of Arc.

(7/17) If you happened to be in the same class, who's a member you think you'd surely become close with?
I wanna become close with Maria!
(10/2) You trip over nothing. What kind of reaction do you give?
"Whoa~! Ahahaha."
(12/25) Please give us an analysis of characteristics or tendencies of your fans.
They often talk about me, and I feel like after talking for a relatively long time, would say "I can't explain in words!" making the person listening be like, "Hey, so what was the point of all this time!?"

(5/21) Who are members with high feminine/ikemen appeal?
The one with high feminine appeal is Morito Chii-chan,
and the one with high ikemen appeal is Kaga Kaedii!
(7/23) What's the animal you'd want to see first at a zoo?


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