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Makino Maria Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is a page for the purpose of listing Makino Maria's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.


(7/17) If you happened to be in the same class, who's a member you think you'd surely become close with?
Fukumura Mizuki-san

List of Q&A

(12/18) Please tell us what your motive was for auditioning for Morning Musume。 '14.
I met Oda Sakura-san and Hamaura Ayano-san at the Morning Musume。 11th gen member audition, and thought that I wanted to join the Hello Pro Kenshuusei too.[1]
(12/18) Please tell us your feelings now you've joined your groups.
I don't even really feel it now,
and so just start saying, "Maria, you're really awesome! You're in Morning Musume。!"[1]
(12/18) Please tell us someone you respect.
Michishige Sayumi-san ♪[1]
(12/18) What's your favorite word or phrase?
"Thanks" "I love you"[1]
(12/18) Is there a food you're good at cooking?
Ohagi rice balls[1]
(12/18) What's something you like to say?
"Maria ne~, ano ne~"[1]
(12/18) Do you have good eyesight?
It's bad. I wear contacts.[1]
(12/18) Is there an impression you do well?
Donald Duck[1]
(12/18) Is there something you can take pride in?
My support of the Nippon Ham Fighters![1]
(12/18) What's something you make sure to do every day before sleeping?
Drink delicious water.[1]
(12/18) Is there a massive failure you've had recently?
When doing a Japanese test I had a really tough time with the first question, so submitted the paper with only 2/3 of the test done.[1]
(12/18) What's the funniest thing you've laughed at recently?
When my homeroom teacher took my Kenshuusei bag and showed it in the classroom.[1]
(12/18) Do you think you're a boke or tsukkomi ?
A boke.
My friends at school are always setting me straight too.[1]
(12/18) Is there anything you couldn't live without?
I couldn't live without a house.[1]
(12/18) Please tell us your future ambition.
I want to start chasing my Morning Musume。 senpai as early as I can.[1]

(1/6) Please tell us a line from a manga, movie, drama etc. that you adore and would like to try saying yourself.
Hayai massugu ikimasu
(I'll quickly go straight forward).
(1/13) Please tell us a line from a manga, movie, drama etc. that you adore and would like someone to say to you.
Makino OUT
(2/3) If for one day only you could join another group, which group would it be and what would you want to do?
℃-ute-san. I want to be with them the whole time ♪
(2/10) Who is the coolest member in Hello Pro?
Ikuta Erina-san
Her dancing in "Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe" is so cool!


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