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Kamikokuryo Moe Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is a page for the purpose of listing Kamikokuryo Moe's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.

List of Q&AEdit

(10/10) Please tell us some of your favorite outfits that other groups have worn.
Berryz Koubou-san's "Love together!".
(11/28) What's your favorite onigiri ingredient?
Plums, or konbu kelp, or chum salmon, or beef tongue
(12/5) Please give us an analysis of characteristics or tendencies of your fans.
Everyone is cheerful!
As for more, nn~, it's hard!
(12/12) What kind of playing did you like to do when you were a kid?
I'd go to school early in the morning and mix in with the boys and play.
I was seriously the type always targeted!
(12/19) Are you the type to protect or be protected in a haunted house?
Either one.
The type that'd run away!
(12/26) Who's a member you want to talk with or become closer with?
Yamazaki Yuhane-chan!

(3/20) If from now on you could only eat one food, what would you choose?
Beef tongue.
(3/27) What's something that makes you think "I can only do this now! I want to establish this now!"?
Going to see the beach!
(5/8) Who's a member that looks good or you think would look good in eyeglasses?
Sasaki Rikako-san! She looks so perfect in them!
(6/12) Please tell us if you've had any lyrics or choreography or lines that, although you memorized them, were hard to learn in time.
The positioning for "Donden Gaeshi", and the monologues in "Yume Miru Television".
(7/17) What's something that you think you definitely want to do in the summer?
Live on a deserted island for 2 days and a night.
(7/31) Who's a member you notice you're often together with?
Funaki Musubu-chan
But generally the Angerme members are always together (^^)

(7/15) What's your favorite scent?
Recently I've liked hinoki cypress-scented aroma oil.


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