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Main article: Ikuta Erina

Ikuta Erina Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is an forum page for the purpose of listing Ikuta Erina's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.


(7/23) What's the animal you'd want to see first at a zoo?
Since that's how it was at the Fukuoka Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

List of Q&AEdit

(3/6) If you were an athlete, what Hello!Project song would you like to have as your entrance song?
LOVE Machine.
(3/27) What makes you feel relaxed (lit. heals you)?
Being praised.
(4/3) I'm spending too much money for no reason, and I hardly save any. Please teach me your super-secret saving methods!
I'll let someone hide the money from me!
(4/10) If you could go for a drive alone, where would you go? (Assuming you have a drivers license, of course)
(4/17) In your opinion, how old do you look to others?
Senior high-schooler (@_@)
(4/24) During a live concert, you suddenly forget the lyrics. What would you do?
Keep singing La's and ask others for help!
(5/1) Lately, I'm trying to learn some dance moves by copying, but I can't seem to progress. How do you remember the moves? Please tell me your secret.
Slow motion!!
(5/8) What's your favorite thing that goes well with rice?
Nikujaga (Beef stew).
(5/15) Do you have something you do as a daily routine?
(5/22) Please try to think of a replacement for 'Say cheese!' that people could use when taking photos.
What's a delicious food...?
"String cheese!"
(5/29) If you were reborn as a man, what would you like to do?
Confess my love to some Morning Musume member ☆☆
(6/5) Which Hello!Project member makes you say "So cute~" and why?
Michishige-san's blushing when you tell her she's cute.
(6/12) Give yourself a grade from 1-5 (5 is highest) into your personal report card! Please add the reason too.
3. I'm working on it in various ways, but there's still room for improvement
(6/19) If you could become another H!P member for one day, who would it be?
(6/26) If you could be reincarnated into an animal, what would it be?
A leopard.
(7/3) What words from other people make you happy?
"I love you"
(7/10) Do you have any special way to deal with anxiety?
Talk to people!!
(7/17) If you were to work part-time, what job would you choose?
A maid.
(7/24) What's a hairstyle you'd like to try once?
I want to dye my hair and just let it keep growing!
(7/31) Please tell us your way to deal with stress.
Talking to people! Karaoke (^ш^)
(8/7) What is the country you want to visit most?
France or Italy.
(8/14) What pet would you like to raise?
A teacup poodle.
(8/21) You just scored a super-goal in a soccer game. How would you celebrate?
Kanon-chan's butterfly.
(8/28) Is there anything you're sure you wouldn't lose in to any other Hello!Project member?
The amount of apparatus gymnastics I can perform.
(9/4) If you could go to a world that was full of _____, what would it be?
Strawberries. Money.
(9/11) What's the secret seasoning that should be added to curry?
(9/18) If you could be a trainer in the zoo, what animal would you choose?
A sumatra tiger.
(9/27) If you could sing a duet with another H!P member, who would you choose?
Mano-san \(・∀・)/
(10/2) Which H!P member do you think of when you hear the words "adult woman"?
Takahashi-san ☆
(10/9) If you were to meet a bear in the forest, what would you do?
Become friends with it (・v<)/
(10/16) If you could swap your voice with another Hello!Pro member's, whose voice would you choose?
(10/23) What's something you always do before going to sleep?
I close my eyes ^_^
(10/30) If you could stay overnight at a Hello!Project member's house, whose would it be?
Fukuda-san d=(・v <)
(11/6) If you had to make an original sandwich, what would you put in?
Fresh cream, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate.
(11/13) What's the source of your energy?
Meeting with the members (*^-゚ )b
(11/20) What H!P member do you think would protect you from a robber/thief?
Sudou-san (>v<)=b
(11/27) Please think of a shout you would use to fire yourself up!
Let's eat a strawberry d=(・v・)=b
(12/4) You're standing at the top of Mt. Everest! What would you scream?
Let's take a nap!!!!!
(12/11) Who do you think you were in your previous life?
☆ Edison ☆
(12/18) If you started a band, which instrument would you play?
Drums or electric guitar.
(12/25) Is there anything you couldn't live without?
Hello!Project goods (・・。)

(1/3) Please tell us your way of keeping healthy.
Mainly dancing and walking! (≧w≦)/
(1/10) Please give us an example of a surprising aspect of any H!P member.
Kananan ☆ Because of I Love Gorilla!!!
(1/17) There's a time machine, and you can choose to go to the past or the future. Where would you go and what would you do there?
Bubble era (>v<。)/
[Note: The bubble era refers to the 80s economic crisis]
(1/24) Please tell us about something lucky that happened to you recently.
I got a signed strap from Takahashi-san!
And a signed fan from Niigaki-san!
(1/31) Who is your favorite anime character?
・Donald Duck.
・MAJOR's Shimizu Taiga.
(2/7) You fell down in front of everyone!!! How would you laugh it off??
I'd say, 'Someone help me' and pretend I didn't fall over (laughs)
(2/14) If you could exchange a body part of any HelloPro member for yours, whose and what would it be?
Eyes: Suzuki Airi-san
Mouth: Wada Ayaka-san
Nose: Natsuyaki Miyabi-san
(2/21) If you got a one-week holiday, what would you do?
I'd have some fun with my Fukoaka friend\(・∀・)/
(2/28) Say something to that member! Please pick a member and tell them something important!
Why are you so cute?!!!!
(3/6) What is a local food you could recommend?
Tonkotsu [pork bone] ramen with spicy mustard greens.
(3/13) If you could enter the world of fairytales, which story would you pick?
Jasmine (from Aladdin)
I'd like to meet a genie (≧w≦)
(3/20) If you could ask God just one thing, what would it be?
I'll become a magician (・∀・)/
(3/27) If you had to enter a haunted house, what H!P member would you like to have at your side?
Niigaki-san ☆
She would protect me (>v<〇)~
(4/3) You have one opportunity to morph yourself! What would you morph into and what would you do?
Kamen Rider (≧v≦)/
(This is a definite)
(4/10) What words have you been saying a lot lately?
I hear that a lot. \(≧w≦)/
(4/17) After waking up, you find yourself standing in front of Enma, the lord of hell. How would you pray for pardon?
I'm a good girl, so I don't think I fit in here (・v・)
(4/24) What would you scream when diving into a pool from a 20-meter bridge? Please give a sentence that will go down in history.
I wish I got to know Niigaki-san better.
(5/1) If you had a chance to scheme a dokkiri [hidden camera prank], for whom and what would it be?
A pitfall dokkiri for Sugaya-san.
(5/8) You wake up in the morning just to realize your weight is over 100kg! What are you gonna do?
It's time for a diet!
(5/15) What's the best thing about being born as a girl?
Joining Morning Musume and meeting all the members (*´w`*)/
(5/22) Please tell us your most important recent news.
I took a 2-shot photo with Donald.
(5/29) You got a low score on the test! What excuse do you give your mom?
10 points out of 10, I was No.1 in the class!!!
(6/5) Is there any famous person you'd like to meet now?
Niigaki Risa-san!!(*>∀<*)v-
(6/12)You're doing a manzai comedy show with an H!P member. Who would you team up with?
(6/19) If today was the Earth's last day, what would you do?
I'd do a handshaking event for the whole day.
(6/26) You've been left on a deserted island. What do you do to rescue yourself?
Make a raft.
(7/3) What's a point you're particular about when you do your makeup?
No eyeshadow!!!
(7/10) It's "all you can eat"! Meat, sweets, fruits, which would you choose?
Can't choose (≧∀≦)
(7/17) If you were to have a duel with any H!P member, what duel and with whom would it be?
A golf duel with Takeuchi Akari-chan!!
(7/24) What strange behavior from a Hello Pro member have you witnessed?
Harunan drinking tea to the rhythm of a song's choreography.
(7/31) What's necessary and unnecessary for an idol?
Cuteness!!! Nothing is unnecessary!!!!
(8/7) If another "you" existed, what would you do?
Go shopping!!!
(8/14) One morning you wake up, and you've become a little person! What would you do?
I'd go to Niigaki-san's handshake event!! (* ´ω`*)
(8/21) Please confess, without blushing, what makes you think 'I'm cute'?
When I'm watching Niigaki-san.
(8/28) What's something you do for sure in the summer? Please add the reason, too.
Going to karaoke!
(9/4) Tokyo Skytree is what's popular nowadays, so send a word of courage to Tokyo Tower.
I'm still going to Tokyo Tower a lot! (*´ ∀`*)
(9/11) What's the thing you want to do most right now?
Karaoke with Niigaki-san!!!!
(9/18) What's a habit you can't get rid of?
Putting my hair over my ears (*´ w`*)
(9/25) What is the costume you liked the most among everything you've ever worn?
The costume for Maji Desuka Ska! ☆
(10/2) If you could hide your identity and become a super-heroine, what name would you choose?
Everyone's ally, Ikuta~ Erina~ ☆☆ (Just my name in hiragana.)
(10/9) If you could create your own concert goods, what would you make?
Perfume ♪ I think if the members had their own perfumes, people would want to buy them.
(10/16) Please show us your favorite text emoticon (kaomoji).
(*・з・*)ノ ←This
(10/23) Which is the one song that brings unforgettable memories for you?
Maji Desuka Ska!
(10/30) Is there something you think you still need to work on to get better at?
Singing!! I want to get better.
(11/6) The comedy routine "Isn't That Wild~" has been popular lately, so please tell us your own "wild" points.
Even if everyone was wearing the same clothes, I wouldn't go along with it.
(11/13) A new single is being released, and Tsunku♂-san asked you for help with the lyrics. Most importantly, what would the title be?
"Heroin wa Anata Dake" ["Only You are the Heroine"]
This could happen (laughs)
(11/20) A thing you really dislike appears right in front of you! What would you do?
I'll have someone eat the thing ☆
(11/27) Please share some trivia that you think no one knows about.
When making tamago-kake gohan [rice with raw egg], adding egg, soy sauce and mayonnaise makes it really good!!!!
(12/4) Please describe your image of a perfect idol!
A person like Niigaki Risa (*☆w☆*)
(12/11) What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
During the Mobekimasu concert, I was quite sure I was at the right position, but I was wrong!! I only realized it when Mano-san told me it was for the end of a different song.
(12/18) Please say one thing that will make a fan's heart melt!
I love you all!!!!!
(12/25) If you could create a law, what would it be?
You must fall in love with Ikuta (*´□`*")

(1/1) What do you do when you suddenly get hungry in the middle of the night?
I'll sleep zzz
(1/8) If you could go back in time, where would you return to?
Last year's spring tour, day 1.
(1/15) What do you think is the coolest English word?
To someone treating me like a kid, "NO Thank you!"
(1/22) If you could cast one magic spell, what would you cast, and on whom?
A magic spell that would make my singing good ☆
(1/29) Is there anything that makes you think, "Maybe I'm a bit greedy?"
I can meet Niigaki-san anytime.
(2/5) What's the scariest experience you've ever had?
The ghost from the birthday event with Niigaki-san & Mizuki (*´ω`; )
(2/12/) You just randomly look at a wall, and there's a cockroach...Σ(゚д゚;) What would you do?
I'd leave that place. (laughs)
(2/19) There is a soccer match among Hello!Pro members. Who would you choose as team captain?
Myself (*´ω`*)
(2/26) What's a question you'd like to ask your fans?
How do you choose your favorite member?
(3/5) You wouldn't know it, but I'm actually ○○! Please share a secret about yourself that will surprise everyone.
I'm a good girl.
I really am, so I don't know what to say.
(3/12) You're an angel. You can do good things for others. What would you do for them?
I'd teach people all good manners (*・ω・*)
(3/19) Which makes you happiest - sleeping, eating, or bathing?
Sleeping! (laughs)
(3/26) Aliens, fairies, ghosts...Have you seen any of these?
I've seen a ghost. They really do exist.
(4/2) You worked hard today! How will you reward yourself?
(4/9) Have you cried recently?
During Niigaki-san's stage play.
(4/16) Who in Hello!Project do you think is the most diligent?
Yajima Maimi-san!!
(4/23) If you were deciding on a set list, what Hello!Project song would you absolutely want to sing?
(4/30) If you had to choose a mom, older sister and younger sister from H!P members, who would they be?
Mom - Natsuyaki-san!!
Older sister - Shimizu-san(*´w`*)
Younger sister - Kananan.
(5/7) Please tell us something you're proud to be able to cook well!
Gratin (*´w`*)
(5/14) If you could be reborn as an animal, what animal would it be and what would you do?
I'd like to become a red panda and be spoiled ☆
(5/21) Who among the Hello!Pro members could be considered the fashion leader?
Natsuyaki Miyabi-san!!!
(5/28) Please choose a member of your group and flatter them to pieces!
Mizuki is so sexy it makes me jealous!!
(6/4) Is there anything that made you feel luxurious lately?
My friends did some of my own schoolwork for me.
(6/11) What are your favorite types of snacks these days?
Kataage potato chips (black pepper)
(6/18) What's the thing you need the most right now?
(6/25) Is waking up early a strong point for you? Or a weak point?
It's a strong point (≧∀≦)
(7/2) What "illness" are you suffering from?
Niigaki-san addiction.
(7/9) What's the scariest (><) thing to you?
Angry senpai (≧へ≦)
(7/16) If you could have complete hypnosis over someone, who would it be and what would you have them do?
A hypnosis on everyone to make them love Erina.
(7/23) Truth? Fiction? Please tell us about some Hello!Pro urban legends.
Kudou Haruka has the heart of a girl!!!
(7/30) An angel and demon are fighting! What's the reason?
Whether Erina is cute or just normal.
(8/6) Grade yourself on where you're at now! How many points out of a perfect score of 100? Please give the reason, too.
100 points ☆
Yeah... there's nothing more you can say about perfection, is there? (・w・*)ノwww
(8/13) Please tell us a nice little story about a HelloPro member.
Shimizu-san and Natsuyaki-san join in on our discussions ☆
(8/20) You see a distressed fan crying in front of you... Well! How do you make the fan smile?
I'd listen to their worries ☆
(8/27) Is there anything you would like to tell your past self from when you first debuted?
Work harder (*´ω`*
Then everything will be okay ☆ as usual.
(9/2) Please tell us something a Hello!Project member does that is moe (σ≧▽≦)σ [irresistibly adorable].
Meimei's Yattaru-chan MV.
(9/10) What job other than being an idol would you like to try?
Maid-san ☆(^_-)〇
(9/17) What's the thing you lack most nowadays?
Singing skill maybe?? Also dancing, or actually, everything!!!!!!
(9/24) Is there anything that makes you think, "I can still find some room for this!" even on a full stomach?
Probably strawberries \(^ _ ^)/
(10/8) If you could join club activities, what club would you choose?
☆Gymnastics ☆Soccer ☆Basketball
But gymnastics before all★
(10/15) You just earned a special income of 10,000 yen! How are you going to spend it?
I'd go buy a necklace!
There's one I want (laughs)
(10/22) Can you describe a day in your life when you thought, "Oh, what a day!"
I couldn't go to Niigaki-san's event.
Grrrrrrrrr, what a day!!!
(10/29) If you could obtain either an "exceptional figure" or a "perfect singing voice", which would you choose?
Perfect voice, maybe??
That's what you need to get to the center!!!
(11/5) Is it bad for a guy to cry easily?
Bad, of course! It'd make me cry as well (sob)
(11/12) Of all the HelloPro members, please tell us who is the most energetic and who is the mellowest.
Energetic... Nakanishi Kana-nan.
Mellow... Ikuta Eripon (laughs)
(11/19) "If I had 〇〇, I could eat any amount of rice!" What would the 〇〇 be for you?
Mayonnaise ☆
(11/26) Is there any outfit from another unit's song that you would like to wear?
The outfit from ℃-ute's Treasure Box tour.
(12/3) When's a time that makes you think, "I'm really an adult now"?
When I can listen to younger brother's stories and stay calm.
(12/10) You visited a fortune teller that is known for beingsuccessful in his readings. What would you ask?
Please tell me about my future private life!!
(12/17) What's something you buy at the convenience store without a thought?
Calpis water ☆
(12/24) What's one thing you would like to do once in your life?
Become Morning Musume's center www
(12/31) What do you always do before a concert?
Iron my bangs.

(1/7) You were chosen to appear as a character in a video game! What would be your secret technique? (Please tell us the incantation, and what kind of technique it would be.)
Colabo-ra-tion。。。 &
Chichin Puipui, fall under my spell ★★
(1/14) If you were to compare yourself to a flower, what would it be? Please tell us the reason, too.
Rose! It's pretty, but it also has thorns!
(So it's like being tsundere?)
(1/21) Without being shy, please tell us something appealing about yourself that you've recently noticed.
Maybe being natural?? Or you can also call it dull (*^ - ^*)ノ
(1/28) When you look at the mirror in the morning, you suddenly go, "Eh~???" What happened?
I turned into Niigaki-san ☆ That made my day.
(2/4) To become No.1 in ○○! What would you like to be No.1 at?
No. 1 person you would like as a girlfriend.
Also, the No.1 candidate for the lead role in Amachan.
Those are some I want (laughs)
(2/11) Do you have any episode that made you think, "Maybe I'm a bit selfish?"
I'm thinking that all day long, I suppose (laughs)
(2/18) How do you reply if someone calls you cute?
I know――――――!!
(2/25) Invent a catch phrase for yourself please.
ABCD Ikuta!! Nice, right?
(3/4) The Tokyo Olympics are about to start! What competition can you take a gold medal in? (You can choose even those that don't actually exist.)
I'd be the No.1 to give up.
(3/11) What do you think your role is within Morning Musume '14?
2nd row's center!!!! I'm doing my best to move up.
(3/18) Can you describe yourself in one word!?
Ikuta, as expected (* ´∀`*)ノ
Does everyone agree? (laughs)
(3/25) When going to karaoke, what song do you always choose?
Hamasaki Ayumi-san's "Days".
(4/1) Is there any "first time experience" you had recently?
I fell over on the stairs at the station.
That was really embarrassing (laughs)
(4/8) During a concert, look at this part of me! Please emphasize one part.
Solo parts, of course!!!!!
There aren't many, so dont'cha miss 'em!!!!!
(4/15) There were many popular catchphrases last year. Is there any catchphrase you'd like to make popular this year?
I can only think of "Ganbatte Ikuta――――!!!"
Everyone, please make it happen ☆
(4/22) What's the one thing you'd like to do the most right now?
Work-related??? Appear in front of the people (*_*)
(4/29) What was the nicest thing anyone has told you lately?
You're cute (*´w`*)ノ
When the person blushes, it makes me feel even happier ♪
(5/13) What's a Hello Pro song you'd like a boy to sing for you?
Morning Musume's "Brainstorming"
(6/3) When it comes to intelligence, what is your position within the group?
Around 4th place, maybe?? Kanon-chan should be around this position, and I should be under her...
(6/10) Please tell us a method of setting your hair to overcome dryness in the winter and dampness in the rainy season.
othing except spray (laughs). I'm using spray almost every day!!!
(6/17) What made you decide you want to be an idol?
Since I was watching Morning Musume during my kindergarten times!!!
(6/24) Do you have something that you just can't quit doing?
Collecting mirrors!!!
When I see a mirror, I always want it - that's why I have several of them at home.
(7/1) Please share a surprising side of a member that only you know about!
Fukumura Mizuki-chan tends to borrow a lot of stuff from me. Well... I don't mind (laughs)[1]
(7/8) There's a new pet coming to your house. What pet would you choose and how would you name it?
A monkey sitting on my hand. Named Charu. Isn't that cute??[2]
(7/15) This year, finally! What's the thing you want to accomplish?
Change my western clothing style. I'm working on it now.[3]
(7/22) Do you have any secret to looking cute in a photo?
It's just me being naturally cute. (laughs)[4]

(7/17) If you happened to be in the same class, who's a member you think you'd surely become close with?
(10/2) You trip over nothing. What kind of reaction do you give?
I found a glass slipper~.
A princess lost it♡ right.
(12/25) Please give us an analysis of characteristics or tendencies of your fans.
To begin with, most of them want to spread the word about Eripon.

(5/21) Who are members with high feminine/ikemen appeal?
Eripon for either one!!
(7/23) What's the animal you'd want to see first at a zoo?
Since that's how it was at the Fukuoka Zoo and Botanical Gardens.


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