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Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A

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Main article: Hamaura Ayano

Hamaura Ayano Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A is an forum page for the purpose of listing Hamaura Ayano's answers from Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.


(5/10) Who's a member that looks good or you think would look good in eyeglasses?
Inoue Rei-chan.

List of Q&AEdit

(6/8) At what kind of moments during lives do you think "This is so much fun!"?
When all the audience is smiling.
(6/14) What's a recent shopping mistake you made?
I bought a machine thinking it would be for muscle massages, but it was something you put on your abs.
(6/22) If your member color were to change, what color would you like?
(6/29) What's your ideal date plan?
Nothing in particular.
Anywhere that's fun!!
(7/6) Please tell us what comes to mind when you think of summer.
Scary movies!
Every summer I go see them all.
(7/13) Please tell us a food you recommend that you ate when visiting a location.
  1. 8 ramen!
I had it when we went for a live in Kanazawa.
(7/20) If you happened to be in the same class, who's a member you think you'd surely become close with?
Inoue Rei-chan.
Since our energies are similar.
(10/5) What's a song that has an effective dance, or a dance that feels good?
"Yami ni Nukegake"
(10/26) What word would you put in for the ○○ in "NO ○○, NO LIFE"?
(11/30) How do you spend time in the dressing room?
Play games, or do funny things with Reirei.
(12/7) Please tell us something you're particular about with your everyday clothes.
Things that somehow or other have colors which catch my attention.
(12/14) At what kinds of times do you "feel" or have you "felt" youth?
When being happy and sad with the Kobushi Factory members.

(3/29) What's something that makes you think "I can only do this now! I want to establish this now!"?
Lo~ts of lives!
(5/10) Who's a member that looks good or you think would look good in eyeglasses?
Inoue Rei-chan.


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