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Last Kiss (ラストキッス) is the debut single of Morning Musume's first subgroup, Tanpopo. It was released on November 18, 1998, as an 8 cm CD by Zetima with the catalog number EPDE-1014. It reached number two on the Japan Oricon charts. It sold 129.640 copies in it’s first week, selling a total of 301.600 copies.

The song was later featured in the group's first album Tanpopo 1 (along with the album version of it) and in their second album All of Tanpopo. It was also featured as the first ending theme to the anime Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.



Tanpopo - Last Kiss (MV)

Last Kiss (MV)

  1. Last Kiss
  2. Jikan yo Tomare (時間よ止まれ; I Wish Time Stood Still)
  3. Last Kiss (Instrumental)

Featured Members[]

Tanpopo promoting the single

Single Information[]

Last Kiss
  • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement, Programming, and Keyboard: Konishi Takao
  • Guitar: Korenaga Koichi
  • Manipulator: Katsuura Go
  • Strings: Kinbara Chieko Group
  • Chorus: Tanpopo, Tsunku
  • Dance Choreographer: KABA.
Jikan yo Tomare


TV Performances[]

Concert Performances[]

Last Kiss

Cover Versions[]

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 2 129,640
- - - - - - - 6 52,900
- - - - - - - 9 39,650
- - - - - - - 15 22,690
- - - - - - - 26 15,870
- - - - - - - 30 20,570
- - - - - - -
- - - - - - - 30 10,350
- - - - - - - 38 6,550
- - - - - - - 70 3,380

Total Reported Sales: 301,600


  • First press: one out of four trading cards.
  • With this single, Tanpopo has the fourth highest selling debut single in all of Hello! Project, excluding shuffle units.
  • With this single, Tanpopo has the fourth highest first week sales for a debut single in all of Hello! Project, excluding shuffle units.
  • The PV debuted on ASAYAN on November 15, 1998.


Tsunku’s comments about Last Kiss:

Tanpopo (dandelions) can be blooming anywhere you see, and from a small child to a senior citizen, anyone is familiar with them. There is no strict season for dandelions, (and they can bloom and survive even in between the small cracks of buildings in a big harsh city environment). For those reasons, I think they are really awesome. For some people, dandelions are just another weeds with a height of about 20cm, but under the surface, they have much longer roots than the small heights. When they crave for water, they make efforts to grow their roots longer and deeper. The efforts they make in unseen areas are what are so wonderful about dandelions.

This time, I am producing three girls, Iida, Ishiguro and Yaguchi. I would like these three girls to be recognzed by lots of people, and make plenty of efforts in the hidden areas, just like the dandelions. The three girls have distinctively different voices from Morning Musume. That’s why Tanpopo is so interesting.

“Last Kiss” has a unique sound no one can imitate. I hope they discover themselves as “Tanpopo” while they still remember themselves and maintain their other identities as Morning Musume.

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