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Last & New Decade 2 is a live concert by former Hello! Project group Taiyou to Ciscomoon commemorating their 20th anniversary. It is their first concert with a live band!

It was first announced in March 2019 on Kominato Miwa's official twitter[​1]​ that the group would get together for their 20th anniversary[​2]​to hold a live talk held at Dai Ani LIVEBASE Nishiazabu on April 21st, called Debut Kinenbi Yes! Shiawase Issho ni Iwatte Kuremasu ka?

At the live talk, it was announced that Taiyo to Ciscomoon would hold a concert with a live band at Cotton Club on July 28, 2019. This was also confirmed by Kominato on twitter on May 17th.[​3]​ On June 12, tickets went on sale and the name of the live concert was revealed to be Last & Νew Decade 2[​4]​.

The band is without a manager or contracat to any agency, so three of the members (Kominato, Inaba, and Shinoda) are responsible for putting it all together.[1] Kominato said they had asked RuRu to be part of the concert, but she has her family and is scheduled to go to the United States, so she couldn't come.[2]

Two shows are announced to be held on July 28; one at 4:30pm and one at 7:30pm. The live band consists of Junichi Saito on guitar, Morifuji Shoji on piano keyboard, Morita Kouhei on bass, and Wakiyama Kousuke on drums.

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